Fundraise Friday – Know Someone Who Loves Animals? I got the Perfect Gift for VDAY!

It may only be January right now but really Valentines’ Day isn’t that far away. The FMSPCA is doing something special from January 14 – February 14th you can purchase a special kennel sponsorship as a Valentine’s Day Gift. Why not give the animal lover in your life whether it’s your son, daughter, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or friend who loves animals, a kennel sponsorship in their name.

Your special valentine will not only get a heart on the kennel of your choice with their name on it but a Valentine’s Day card from the shelter saying a kennel was sponsored in your name. How great is this. For anyone who wants to be my valentine, I love the gift of giving.

Cost Of Valentine’s Day Kennel Sponsorship:
Dog Kennels $200
Cat Kennels $150Poster

You can purchase a Valentine’s Day kennel 1 of 2 ways;
– In Person at 155 MacAlpine Crescent in Fort McMurray, AB
– Online at: