Fundraise Friday – Spin and Win

I know we all have new years resolutions and I can guess that more then half of Fort McMurray INCLUDING ME had a goal of being more healthier in 2014. Well Ive decided to call it  “Spin and Win” for a event Beata from Macdonald Island Park will be putting on January 25th  because you can attend Spin class and Win and by winning I mean getting fit while raising money/wishlist items for the FMSPCA. Hello what a deal and for 75 minutes come get your sweat on.

*Macdonald Island Park Fitness Center (upstairs) will be accepting monentary donations as well as wishlist items for the reast of January so even if you cant make this event be sure to drop something off

When: January 25th
Where: Macdonald Island Park
Time: 9:15am-10:30am
Cost: Minimun $20 donation or any item on the wishlist
Wishlist: It’s PUPPY SEASON!! Puppies are very special to us because we know that they learn and grow very fast and need special attention in order to ensure they grow up confident, coordinated, and well mannered. In order to provide them with the socialization and stimulation they need we are asking for special TOYS.  We are looking for creative ideas to provide the puppies with exposure to a variety of textures, climbing opportunities, colours, that can be easily cleaned and sanitized. Like; plastic slides, mini stairs, tunnels etc. Also they always accept paper, stamps, rawhide bones, leashes etc.

The FMSPCA is located at 155 MacAlpine Crescent in Fort McMurray, AB — 1-780-743-8997 and their website

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