Wagging Wednesday – Wag n’ Go

*Who is filling out this interview?
Trina Cooper


*What do you do for Wag The Dog UK?
I manage the content, work with guest bloggers, promote and work with people interested in advertising, plus practically everything else in back of house, such as SEO, images, design.

*What does Wag The Dog Uk Do?
We are a website devoted to making it easy to travel with your pet. Since starting in February 2012,  we’ve add content about dog care, and home cooked meals.

*Tell me about your new product Wagn’ Go?
 Wag N Go provide an elegant and durable solution to your dog’s essential needs while away from home. Wag N Go was designed by a pet traveller and dog lover, just like you and wanted a solution that was easy to use but gave everything a dog needs while on the road.

*How did it start?
I always like to say…It started with a puppy. As any dog lover knows, when those perfect little puppy paws walk thru your door and into your home and heart, your whole world changes.

And that is exactly what happened with me. I lived in NYC and there were not a lot of places that Maggie could roam free, run, sniff and get her paws dirty. So when I decided to get Maggie, I made a promise that I’d take her to the country so she could really enjoy the outdoors.

Little did I know that it’s easier said than done. Gathering up all the things your dog needs gets quiet cumbersome. There’s the food, the treats, bowls to feed and give water to, something to sleep on, and of course you want to bring a toy or two. Once you start putting that in a bag, it looks like your moving house.

From their due to work I started traveling all over the world. From Hong Kong, to London, To Switzerland and then where vacations in between, all with Maggie by my side.

Her bag was always large, and I just something easy to pack and take with me.

*When was it launched?
I started thinking about it in 2012, while in Switzerland. After talking to the pet community, friends with pets, a divorce and a move, I was ready to get my idea a reality.

*Where is it available? Do you ship?
Today it’s available on Kickstarter!


We’ll be shipping starting March 1, 2014, just in time for Spring travel!

*What makes Wagn’ Go different from other bags?
I talked to people who traveled with dogs and I talked to vets and I wanted to know what would …
A. make my dog feel comfortable away from home and
B. What are the essentials you want in a dog travel bag.

I believe Wag N Go answers this by providing a personal sleeping blanket that comes from home and smells of home. Vets say this is an important factor on keeping your dog content. In fact if you ever have to crate your dog for a long voyage, it is always recommend to put in a t-shirt or blanket that smells of home to make your pet more content while away from home.

The second most important thing was large enough containers to hold your pet’s food. Our Air-fresh seal containers can hold up to 7 cups of kibble, or how I use it, I pack in 10 pre-made pup burgers, freeze them in the container before I go then pop it in the bag. I use the extra container as a treat container and extras, then when I arrive I convert it to a stainless steel water bowl.

The bag is easy to carry and I made it was paw-durable!

These are the essentials, that bags on the market didn’t have. They usually had things in them I did not need, like a lead and a collar, or a toy.

*What is the pricing?
We will be retailing the bag after Kickstarter.com for £45 (about $72 US)

*Can you get the bag customized?
Yes in two ways! As a consumer you can get your dog’s name put on the bag. You just need to order it via kickstarter.

As a company, I have worked out that I can co-brand the bag to brand or logo and colors. Ordering requires a minimum of 1000 and a lead time of 60 days.

*Any other information you want to add?
We’re really excited about the whole venture and we love the support we’re getting from the pet community.

We are also taking wholesale orders as well. Just contact me via email for details.

Social Media Information(fill in):
Website: http://www.wagngo.com and http://www.wagthedoguk.com
Email:           tlc@wagngo.com
Facebook:    http://www.facebook.com/wagngo
Twitter:        http://twitter.com/wagthedoguk
Other:           http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/579305649/wag-n-go-dog-travel-kit-pack-easier-happier-and-fa




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