Fundraise Friday: Lisa & Joe’s Auction House

I am really excited for this interview, as what Lisa & Joe do is just amazing! There honestly should be more people in the world like them, giving so much to the animals and not once asking for something in return. They host online auctions with the kindness in their hearts for animals who are in need. I happened to come across their page last year as I was bidding on a “What’s Wrong With Gibson” Book. Me and another lady who has an epileptic dog in her family like me were battling it out for the rights to own this book. We both ended up around $50 for the book and with the permission of Dorothy from Fivesibes who wrote and published the book they agreed to give us both a signed copy of the book as well as a live gib strong silicone bracelet!! Both Winners!!

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*Tell me about Lisa & Joe’s Auction house?
We actually started auctions before we started the page.  The Auction House was started to solicit donations and to spread the word that we wanted to host auctions for rescue or animals in need.  Since we started, in Mar of 2013, we have raised over $24,000 for those animals.  Essentially it is a place for people to come to ask for help, to donate items to help and where we hold each auction.

*Why was it established?
It started on a whim!  We love animals and have a passion for helping those in shelters.  The number of animals put to sleep each day just sickens me.  We started by cross-posting, and then pledging but I didn’t feel like it was enough.  I had a friend that kind of taught me about auctions so I thought I would give it a try.   We did one for Angel’s Animal Rescue in California and my personal page was so saturated with notifications.  We may have done one or two more before deciding to create a separate page!
*When did you start doing auctions?
Our first auction was in March of 2013.  Since then we have done I believe 14 auctions.  As stated, a friend came to me for help.  All of a sudden all my friends jumped on board and friends of that rescue.  So when we decided to do the next one, it was even better and on and on it went!!

*What types of items are auctioned off?
ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING other than profane items or items that are made from animal products such as fur or leather.  We have books, clothing, kitchen items, jewellery and much more!!

*Who benefits from these auctions?
This is a tricky question.   At first, we did them for anyone who asked.  Then, the requests became overwhelming and we couldn’t handle it.  So for now, we will pick and choose who will benefit.  We are in the process of establishing a more clear way of making it benefit the most rescue/animals possible.  Until we decide upon our strategy, if you feel you need our help, just ask!

*What types of items are you accepting to be donated as items used in the auctions?
Again, anything that is neither profane nor made of animal by-products.  We are always appreciative of any donations.  Home-made items are very nice.  Animal-related products (clothing with animals, etc) are good items.  We love anything and it usually sells!

**Here are some photos of some past auction items in which I borrowed from Lisa & joe’s Auction Facebook Page :)

*If people wanted to donate an item to be auctioned off how do they do that?
Easy!  They can go to our page Joe and Lisa’s Auction House on Facebook and post or PM us!

*What does somebody do if they have an animal that needs funds for surgery etc and want to host an auction?
Well of course, they can always come to us!  But, if one wants to host their own auction I have to warn that it is not an easy experience!  I have many that can attest to this!  To host an auction, you must first have a game plan.  You need to gather donations long before the auction begins.  Once you have those items, you need to create an event on facebook.  Once you start, you want to keep it light and entertaining and encourage the bidding!  Promote, promote, promote the auction!  Facilitate it from start to finish, and that’s the easy part.  Once the auction is over, you must announce winners, contact donators, collect payment along with addresses and relay that information to the donors.  It’s a lot of work.  We do not usually get many donations.  Our process is a bit different.  We front money and purchase items.  In the end, we do of course take that from the winnings but the auctions have always been very successful!!

*Where does one go to bid on items in current auctions?
We will always set events that we will post on the page.  We always set clear direction on how the bidding process works as well.

*Social Media Contacts:
Twitter:  na
Website:  in the works
Other:  phone soon!

*What’s your favorite website to get animal information from?
Oh gosh!!  I use a lot.  Mostly facebook pages.  Any time something concerning is released you can always find it on facebook.  Some of my favourite sites are Husky Takes, Five Sibes, and a handful of others.  Otherwise, you can always check the American Veterinary Medical association to find information about recalls, immunization information, etc.

*Anything else you would like to add?
Yes!  For one, thank you for having us!!  We appreciate the time to share our story!  Also, we want to thank everyone who has and may consider donating items for our upcoming auctions!

One last thing if we may, we are not currently holding any auctions though we are helping promote one through our page.  But another thing we are doing is a tee shirt sale.  We are selling our cool tee shirts to raise enough money for a GREAT auction for Husky Nanuk, burned in house fire! Shirts are $25+$5 for shipping. You will also get our business cards and Thank you cards as an added bonus. Get yours now. Pay pal to and include size and address in comments.  This offer runs until 1 April and the auction will occur shortly after.   (below is a photo of the shirt)

Thank you very much for supporting our cause to help the animals!

Do I have permission to copy this to my blog? Of course
Do I have permission to use the photos you have provided me with? Yes, of course!

Here are some of the rescues/animals Lisa & joe’s Auction House has helped.. I might add that theyre are MANY MANY MANY MANY more that they have helped.

(Above) Pitts Rescue & Sanctuary in Ohio

(Above) Husky Haven of Los Angeles

(Above) Buddy ~ The Christmas Husky

(Above) Wrangler who has Cricopharyngeal Achalasia from Gone To The Dogs Rescue Inc  In California
(Above) Foye Farms in West Virginia

(Above) Full Moon Farm Wolfdog Sanctuary in North Carolina (we raised $4,000 for them!!!)

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