Wagging Wednesday – Walks n’ Wags Pet First Aid

*Who is filling in this interview?
Lisa Wagner

*What do you do for Walks n’ Wags?
I am the Operations Director.


*When and how was Walks n’ Wags started?
Walks ‘N’ Wags opened in March 2000.  We were originally a dog walking and cat sitting company, but expanded to offer Pet First Aid courses in 2003.  In 2007, we took over the administration of Oakland Educational Services Ltd’s pet first aid curriculum, which has been operating since 1994.

*What does Walks n’ Wags Offer?
Walks  ‘N’ Wags offers a comprehensive 10 hour Pet First Aid program.  Our program caters to the general public, as well as to pet professionals.  We also offer an Instructor program for those who wish to bring Walks ‘N’ Wags training to their area.  Both programs can be completed either in-person or at home via Distance Learning.  In addition to training, we offer a number of pet first aid and safety supplies.

*Why is it important to educate people on pet first aid?
Proper training in pet first aid can increase both a pet’s comfort and the chances of a successful outcome in a pet emergency.  Pet first aid also provides a level of confidence that one can step in to assist their animal instead of feeling helpless.

*What makes Walks n’ Wags different from other companies?
1.  We are the longest running Pet First Aid program in North America.

2.  Our program contains a strong component on prevention and early detection since we hope to decrease the likelihood that our participant’s animals will face an emergency.

3.  We allow live pets in all of our classes.  We feel that this offers a more realistic and fun experience.

4.  We are a community-focussed organization.  Our family of Instructors donate time, money, course spaces, and supplies to support both local and international programs to assist pets in need.

5.  Our program is 10 hours in duration.  Many pet first aid programs run over 4-8 hours.  We want to ensure that no corners are cut and therefore offer our curriculum accordingly.

6.  5 star service.  Our goal is to provide students with excellent service and training.  Our head office has an open door policy and we are more than happy to personally connect with our participants to hear their thoughts and ideas.

*What does one learn in the course?
Participants will learn a step-by-step process of how to handle a pet emergency, how to safety approach an animal, ways to prevent illness and injury, education regarding common medical illnesses, parasites, and poisons, bandaging and splinting skills, choking/artificial respiration/CPR and much, much more!

*How long is the course?
Our courses are 10 hours in duration with some Instructors offering the course over one full day, while others will break it into 2 days.

*What is the cost of the course?
Our Instructors base their pricing on cost of living in their own geographical area and their overhead costs.  On average course fees range between $150-185 CAD per person.  Contact your closest Instructor for details.  Distance Learning is $225 CAD (+ shipping).

*Where is the course offered? (Or if in to many places just put where people can find out where the courses are)
We currently have almost 60 Instructors teaching in over 100 communities.  We list current course dates on our calendar at: http://www.walksnwags.com/firstaiddates.php Be sure to check back frequently since we update the calendar with new dates regularly.   You can also contact our Head Office to discuss arranging a course at your location if you don’t see it listed online.

Social Media Information(fill in):
Website: http://www.walksnwags.com
Email: lisaw@walksnwags.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Walks-N-Wags-Pet-First-Aid/142710559130541
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WNWPetFirstAid
Blog: http://walksnwags.blogspot.ca/

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