Thursday Spotlight – Jen DeHaan with Stylish Canine

*Who is filling out this interview?
Jen deHaan

*What is Stylish Canine?
Stylish Canine is a small business focusing on unique and handmade products for dogs and their humans. I like to make functional and practical collars and clothing for dogs that have a unique, fun edge. I also make items for the rest of the family, like t-shirts and decals.


*What do you do for Stylish Canine?
I am the owner of the business, and design and make the items available on our website.

*When was Stylish Canine Establish? And why?
Stylish Canine was established in early 2013. After some major life events, I wanted to try something different than my previous work at large software corporations. I always wanted to try something more hands-on that didn’t involve a computer screen, and my background is in art and graphic design. Sewing was something I always wanted to try, because its creative, hands-on, and I love fabrics.

Of course, a lot of the work ends up still being behind a computer screen since I design our graphics and embroidery patterns, run the website, handle all marketing, shipping, photography, and so on.

*Where is Stylish Canine located?
I am located in Sunnyvale, California, which is in the San Francisco Bay Area. All of the products are made in and ship from Sunnyvale.

*Do you ship? If so, where?
We ship our products worldwide! All shipping within the USA is free.

*What types of products do you offer? And prices?
Most of my products are dog collars, with matching leashes and leash tabs available for many of the patterns.  I have a lot of collars available in wide widths for larger dogs and sighthounds. I love wider collars on my dogs, even my smaller dog, because they pop against the fur and look great. Most of the collars are between $18 and $24.

I am starting to branch out into new products after purchasing some new equipment, and very recently added a series of vinyl decals for sale in a variety of sizes and colors and range between $4 and $6 for most of the designs. These designs will also be available on t-shirts within the next week or two, and the t-shirts will be about $20-25 depending on the design.

I have also started sewing  new items such as dog coats, tag silencers, training bags, and poop bag holders. These should start arriving on our website fairly soon as well once the pattern designs and fabrics are finalized. I have a dog coat that is being featured in the NY Pet Fashion Show this week (Feb 7th) called my Daredevil Dog Coat. It was a lot of fun to design and sew, and although it has some flashy embellishments, it’s practical enough for any dog to pull off on a daily basis to wear in order to keep warm and dry.

*Can people customize items?
Yes! I have some items on the store that are custom (such as my super dog capes), and I will be adding the ability to customize decals and t-shirts too – such as adding your dogs name or a phrase beneath the design.

If there’s anything on the site that someone wants in a different size, color, or variation I encourage them to contact me and chances are we can make it happen. This is the advantage of making products to order!

*How can one become a Charity Partner with Stylish Canine?
This is something I’m really excited about. I’d love to work with rescues and other organizations that have an active following to partner on fundraisers. Because I can design graphics from scratch, I’m able to produce customized products that organizations can offer to their followers in order to raise funds from the proceeds of the sale.  I’m still working out the details of the program, but if an organization is interested I encourage them to contact me with their information.

*I seen that you also make things for the Stylish Canine’s Parents?
-what do you make? I do! Right now I offer t-shirts, decals, and training bags for the pet parents that range between $20 and $40.

*Social Media Information:
Email:  info AT stylishcanine DOT com
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