Tuesday Spotlight – Sundance Canine Rescue Society

I am really excited that i have branched out to some other rescues to start featuring them on my blog as well! Here is my first Interview with a rescue group I met while in Edmonton.

*Who is filling out this interview?
Debby Neff

*What is your position for your Animal Rescue/Shelter?
I am the Treasurer/Webmaster/Facebook Administrator….and hopefully soon….a blogger!

*What is the name of your Animal Rescue/Shelter?
Sundance Canine Rescue Society

Flyer Logo

*Where are you located?
Edmonton and surrounding areas

*Do you offer any awareness programs to your community?
Yes, we are currently re-developing an education program for the younger two legged members of the community. As well, we try to pass along the information we all learn by trial and error.

*How long has your Animal Rescue/Shelter been around for?
We have been around since 2009 when our founders started rescuing dogs after losing their dog to a coyote. It was a dream, passion for them to save other dogs that are not so lucky to have a home. February 2013, Sundance became a Registered Canadian Charity.

*What types of animals do you have at your Animal Rescue/Shelter?
We take in dogs

*If someone wanted to become a volunteer, how could they?
We have an application form on our website that we ask for people to fill out. Our volunteer coordinator will then….put them to work! Although, playing with puppies is not really work….is it?

*What types of items do you take as donations?
Donations are very necessary for our rescue to operate. We accept food, treats, toys, blankets, sheets, kennels, collars, leashes, and of course, monetary donations are always welcomed. We also accept gift cards or refillable cards for oil changes, gas, services for the Rescue vehicle, Walmart, Staples, Canadian Tire, G & E Pharmacy (for vaccinations).

*Do you have any fundraisers coming up that you want my viewers to know about?
We have ongoing fundraisers to keep the rescue going. But, keep watching the website for anything really big….coming soon!

*What is the adoption process like?
Our adoption process….people fill out the application, it goes through to 3 people…the foster home being the last people to receive the application, a meet and greet is set up, if all goes well….an adoption happens. We encourage the families to think about it before taking the dog home and to make sure the whole family is enthusiastic about the pending adoption…that include the furry family members as well. We allow a 48-hour trial period where the dog can go home with the family and see if they all fit together. Some of our older, more experienced dogs with fear or socialization difficulties we will extend the trial period….we go on a dog by dog case.

*What does your shelter/rescue hope to achieve in 2014?
Our rescue is preparing an Educational program to better assist the foster families, volunteers, and adoptive families on how to take care of our rescue dogs.

*Anything else you want to add?
For the rescue, it is important that we all realize that Rescued dogs are not broken. They have experienced more life than other dogs. If there were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write, the ones dealt a bad hand who responded with courage. We don’t pity them. We did something….please be the difference in their lives. So we just want to remind people that ALL Rescues do their very best to save animals, but need the help of the public to do so.

*Fill in Media Contacts:
Email: SCRS_Contact@SundanceCanineRescueSociety.com
Website: SundanceCanineRescueSociety.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Sundance.Canine.Rescue.Society
Twitter: @SundanceCRS

*Do I have permission to copy this to my blog? Yes
*Do I have permission to post photos you have provided me with? Yes

Full of love

Save a Life

Thank you Volunteers

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