Thursday Spotlight – Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society

*Who is filling out this interview?
My name is Kath Oltsher

*What is your position for your Animal Rescue/Shelter?
I am a co-founder and director (along with Sasha Campbell)

*What is the name of your Animal Rescue/Shelter?
Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society

*Where are you located?
Edmonton and area.  We use foster homes and do not have a shelter.

*If someone wanted to become a volunteer, how could they?
We ask that they apply online at

*Do you have any fundraisers coming up that you want my viewers to know about?
We will be launching a raffle for a samsung tablet and we have a fundraiser at the Miller Square Starbucks at 14415 Miller Blvd Edmonton  on March 1 from 5 to 9. Following us on Facebook is a great way to keep up with us :).  We are organizing a silpada jewellery fundraiser and a pampered chef one as well.

*Do you offer any awareness programs to your community?
Yes we are having our first in school education presentation in March.

*How long has your Animal Rescue/Shelter been around for?
We have been in operation since August 2012.

*What types of animals do you have at your Animal Rescue/Shelter?
We currently take in cats and dogs.

*What types of items do you take as donations?
We love money :), pet store gift cards, washable dog  and cat beds, kuranda beds,  kongs, cat trees, cat litter, sardines, good quality slip leads ) a kind of  leash), bully sticks,  wire and hard sided crates, plastic dog houses and we are looking for secure, heated storage/warehouse space.


*What is the adoption process like?
Our adoption process is:
1) submit an online application
2) we screen it and see if the animal that is being applied for would be a good fit, we will often phone to chat as well.  If it is a possible good fit we will
3)contact the applicant about doing a meet and greet, if the meet and greet goes well, we will follow that with calling references and doing a home check.  This thorough process helps keep our animal returns very, very low.  We are very proud of that.

*What does your shelter/rescue hope to achieve in 2014
Zoe’s is very committed to a vision of Fix Alberta, a SaNeR approach to rescue.  We embrace Spay Neuter Return.  We provide assistance to get animals spayed and neutered whenever possible, not just for our animals in care but for animals in the communities we work in.   Preventing thousands of unwanted animals from being born into suffering.  It is almost a pre-rescue.  We also are very hopeful we will find secure, heated storage space perhaps even with an office for free or for a nominal fee. That would make a huge difference to increasing the scope of what we do in all areas, rescue, fostering, vetting, spaying and neutering, education and outreach.  We are not just helping animals we are helping communities become healthier.

*Anything else you want to add?
Zoe’s is a registered Canadian charity, which means we can write tax reciepts and it is one way of ensuring that we, as a non profit, have to meet requirements about how we spend the money we raise.

People should  know that this is not true of all Rescues and that there are really no safeguards or regulations that ensure that rescues in Alberta are good ones.

So people need to thoroughly investigate any rescue that they want to use or support.
-They should be transparent about all their policies and finances
– be able to show where the animals are kept and cared for
– that they are all thoroughly vetted and have been assessed for temperament  before adoption
-what their animal return policy is and how many have been returned in the past 6 months to a year
-if they are adopting animals without spaying or neutering that could add more to the huge problem of unwanted animals in our province
-where the rescued animals are being sourced from?
Educating themselves before using a rescue will save even more animals.

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