Fundraise Friday – I Accepted A Challenge


I have accepted a Challenge and I need your help.

April 13th will be the Third Annual “Walk to Stop Animal Abuse!” Rolo & I have attended the first two and plan to make this one just as great. Last year I teamed up with a friend, Helen Connolly to raise money for the FMSPCA. We rose over $1000 and became the events top fundraisers. For winning we were offered 2 gift cards to hair trends, as we love to give back we donated the gift cards back to the FMSPCA to use at another event. This year I have been challenged to see who can raise the most money, the gal I am competing against already had a $260 head start on me.
rolo and i
(2012 Left, 2013 Right)

So I am asking anyone who reads this post to please help me out and donate to our pledge form. The money raised goes directly into the Isabella Paws Fund which helps out abused and neglected animals that come into the shelter and over the past few years there have been a ton of abuse & neglect cases. If you are unable to donate please pass along this blog post and maybe someone who sees it will donate to our pledge.

As part of our pledge: This SATURDAY (TOMORROW) I will be at the Doula Association Garage Sale (Westwood High School in Fort McMurray -221 Tundra Drive) selling fleece tied animal toys and the proceeds are donated to our pledge.
Each toy is a minimum $4.00 donation.
Here is the Facebook event for more details:!/events/274325926055614/

To donate To Our Pledge:
Email Money Transfer to:
Any Amount Is Greatly Appreciate and please be sure to also email us the password.

If you are in Fort McMurray I hope to see you out at this event with your family, kids and doggies!
Here is the Facebook event for more details:!/events/477118472388610/

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