Tuesday Spotlight – Heaven Can Wait Animal Society


*Who is filling out this interview?
Sharon Seltzer

*What is your position for your Animal Rescue/Shelter?
I am a co-founder and board member for our rescue group.  My duties include being editor for our newsletter and blog and running our Reporter’s Committee for volunteers who are interested in covering our events and programs.  I also coordinate volunteers for our various special events.

*What is the name of your Animal Rescue/Shelter?
Heaven Can Wait Animal Society

*Where are you located?
We are located in Las Vegas, NV.

*Do you offer any awareness programs to your community?
We offer many awareness programs and programs to stop pet overpopulation.  First and foremost is our low-cost spay/neuter clinic for owned pets and our monthly clinic for feral cats.  We’ve fixed more than 92,000 cats and dogs since we opened our doors.  Since spay/neuter to stop euthanasia in our city is our primary goal, we offer all sorts of campaigns from tabling in at-risk neighborhoods to infomercials for the entire city.  Our other programs include a Youth Group and school program to teach children about being responsible pet owners, a program that places hard to adopt cats with senior citizens and a program that places hard to adopt dogs with veterans.  And our Pups on Parole program rehabilitate the dogs rescued by our group by having them live with female inmates at the women’s correctional facility.

*How long has your Animal Rescue/Shelter been around for?
We started in March 2000, so we are 14 years old.

*What types of animals do you have at your Animal Rescue/Shelter?
We have cats and dogs.

*If someone wanted to become a volunteer, how could they?
People that are interested in becoming a volunteer must complete an online application and attend an orientation.  The orientation introduces volunteers to all of our departments so they can pick the area best suited to them.  Volunteers also get monthly email updates about volunteer opportunities.


*What types of items do you take as donations?
I keep a list on hand at all times for this question.  Items we are always in need of are:
Kitty litter, cat or dog food, cat and dog bowls, leashes, collars, beds, towels and blankets and cat or dog toys.

*Do you have any fundraisers coming up that you want my viewers to know about?
Our next fundraiser is called Dance Meets Fashion on May 16.  It’s a fashion show and will feature some of our dogs and dancers from Las Vegas shows.  People can buy tickets on our website.

*What is the adoption process like?
We are picky.  Adoptions for cats are Thursday – Sunday and dogs are adopted on Saturday.  Both our cat and dog coordinators help potential adopters select the best pet for their lifestyle and family.  There is also an application process to be completed.

*What does your shelter/rescue hope to achieve in 2014
Our biggest goal is to cut the euthanasia rate in our city shelters by half again this year.  We’ve gone from 30,000 being killed to 18,000.  So if we fulfill our goal, less than 10,000 will die in 2014.

*Anything else you want to add?
I want to remind people to adopt rather than shop for a pet.  There are many wonderful animals who have become homeless through no fault of their own and they deserve a loving home.


*Fill in Media Contacts:
Email: sjseltzer@cox.net
Website: Heaven Can Wait Animal Society.  http://www.hcws.org.
Facebook: Heaven Can Wait Animal Society Fan Page.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heaven-Can-Wait-Animal-Society-Fan-Page/134760779893731
Twitter:  @HeavenCanWaitLV

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