Walk To Stop Animal Abuse April 13th, 2014

Yesterday was the 3rd annual Walk To Stop Animal Abuse and our 3rd time raising money for it. This year we decided not to do the actual walk but hangout at the start/finish and hand out cookies from the Bone & Biscuit- Thickwood to all of the people who finished. This year I am happy to say Rolo and I raised $520 for the Isabella Paws Fund which goes to the care of abused and neglected animals in the region. There was such a great turn out this year with so many people and dogs in sight. I am so excited to hear the announcement to how much money they raised at the walk! See you all next year!

Also if you suspect or see any form of animal abuse please don’t be scared and do report it, you could save that animal’s life! CALL 9-1-1 !!

Here are some photos from the walk yesterday!

PicMonkey Collage2
PicMonkey Collage1

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