Wagging Wednesday – LOST

Lost Animal, words no one want to ever see. Here in Fort McMurray the facebook pages, bulletin boards and all over kijiji are plastered with missing animals. I as a overprotective dog mom would not sleep until my Rolo was found. I want to put on this blog post ways you can stop your animals from going missing or what to do if you animal does unfortunately go missing.

What can you as a responsible pet owner do to stop your animal from getting out. First off if you have a yard you should be inspecting it all the time to make sure there aren’t any dig holes or loose boards or items against the fence that allows the animal to jump up and over, you would be surprised how high animals can jump. As your animal is outside doing their business why not peek out the window and watch what they are up to, are they digging? trying to get out? leisurely walking around? or acting all crazy? Even thou Rolo would never run away I still always watch him to make sure he goes to the washroom while he it outside and make sure he doesnt get into anything.

dog holes

If you have an animal that likes to bolt out the door think about getting  a baby gate at your stairs and close it behind you before you open the door up, just as you would do with a walking or crawling child. Dont just do it once, do it every time you go to leave, someone comes over, make it a routine that’s how dogs learn faster, also use positive reinforcement with praise or treats to let them know they are doing a good job. Possibly in the future you may be able to take that gate down and your dog will know to stay there because if they do they will get praise or treats.


If you have a cat that like to go outside and wander why not put a harness on it and put it on a leash doesn’t have to be a 6ft leash it can be a clothesline with a running leash attached or even a stake in the ground with a wire cord on it (you can purchase at walmart for cheap)
cat leash
Do you really want your animal out gallivanting in other people’s properties that might report it to your local animal control or take it in and you will never see it again? If that’s the case maybe you shouldnt have had an animal in the first place. If you animal is outside you should have a collar on it at all time with a city licence and a tag with your name and a phone number on it that works (can purchase at FMSPCA, Bone & Biscuit and many other animal stores). I have seen so many pets out with their parents without tag on them, I hope that they did another method of identification like microchipping or ear tattoo. All of these things can help your animal get back to you if it goes lost.

What do you do when you notice your animal is missing. First off call your local animal control and report it, make sure you give an exact description (any significant marking, color of collar, approx weight, breed, name) Drop off a photo or email a photo too! If I was to report Rolo missing and say he was a german shep most people wouldn’t think he is a normal german shep as he has a completely different body type (which is the husky in him). So be specific! Go on social media and start posting photos (good ones not them wearing clothes or sleeping) an alert photo that shows the entire face and body is best. Make an account on petlynx and all your animal to it as it’s the most widely used missing pet website! It also allows your to print out a final copy where you can hang on bulliton board.

I really hope you share this page to enlighten people on how you CAN stop your animal from gettng out. Stop making excuses about your animal and do something about it. If you animal always likes to get out maybe look into some training classes or read up about how you can train your own animal.

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