Wagging Wednesday – A Cure for your Shopping Fever!

I am a person who loves to shop, not just for myself but for my family including Rolo. He happens to be a very spoiled boy with the latest in fashion styles. You can always see him with a new fancy leash or rocking a themed bandana.

If you have ever been to the FMSPCA as soon as you go past the reception desk there is a long hallway and on the left hand side as soon as you make the corner there is 2 book shelfs with items all crammed onto it. It was in my best interest to fix this last weekend. I tidied everything up, put all the alike items in one area, dusted the shelves off, put up a new sign, put labels on boxes. It looks very beautiful and like a mini store now.
before & after
(before & after)

By donation you can own any of these items(exempt kennels, crates and travel bags), and there really is all sorts of things;leashes, collars, grooming tools, shoes, bowls, poop bags, litter liners, all sized animal clothing and there will be new items coming in all the time!!

The FMSPCA is located at 155 MacAlpine Crescent the hours are on their website http://www.fortmcmurrayspca.ca

Hope you stop by and pick up some stuff for your furbabies! BECAUSE They deserve it! <3


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