Wagging Wednesday – Offline Marketing to get Volunteers

Last wagging Wednesday I did a post giving some ides on how to use online marketing to get more volunteers well this week I will share some tips and ideas on how to get volunteers in person.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than making a difference in our community and more importantly our world. I have chosen to donate my time to helping those who have no voice. Now it is your turn to gain some more volunteers & supporters because really they are a really big part of running a non-profit organization! Now let me tell you how!

1) WORD OF MOUTH: If someone has a great experience volunteering with you they are likely to tell their friends & family about it thus making them more likely to think about volunteering with you as well. One time back in the day the shelter was overrun by bottles, which needed to be loaded into a cube van and transported to the bottle depot. A bunch of girls who were in a pageant with me (that was in support of the FMSPCA) loaded up a whole cube van with bottles. We all posted photos on social media and telling our friends, Well even though we didn’t make a big dent in the bottles the next time I went up there all of the bottles were taken to the depot! Good news of how we felt doing a good deed traveled fast and must have inspired others to go help out too.

2) POSTERS: There are usually lots of public notice boards where people can post events, volunteer opportunities and even business ventures on them. Take advantage of this free advertising, just make sure y ou make a note of where you hang them so that when the date is over (like say a call for volunteers at an event or even just and event poster) that you can go take it down after. You can also ask local businesses like pet stores to put up a poster for you on their window or walls. Why not even put up a poster in your shelter!

3) EMAIL SIGN UP SHEET AT EVENTS: While hosting an event or attending an event as a vendor always bring a sign up sheet where people can sign up to be added to your email list. This allows them to hear about volunteer opportunities & events by just receiving an email!

4) BUSINESS CARDS; This is a simple and inexpensive solution to getting the word out about your company. Business cards can be ordered for quite cheap online, I personally use vistaprint.com for all my business card & sticker orders but you may have another preference you like. Vista print usually has great deals on, Once I ordered 5000 colored, glossy, 1 sided business cards plus a hanging poster for about $80 which included shipping!

Some of the main things to put on your business card is: Business Name, Phone Number, Website, Email, Facebook URL, Twitter Account Name, also throw in something saying that you’re looking for volunteers, fosters or whichever.
You will definitely be able to fit this all on a business card as mine has a whole ton of information (which needs updating as it has my old email address on it)

I always carry business cards on me and drop them off at local businesses all the time whether I am getting my hair done, out shopping or just purchasing something at the pet store. Leave your mark and maybe someone interested will pick one up and become a volunteer, foster or even adopt!!

5) RECOGNITION: Everyone loves to get recognition of a job well done, why not do up a page on your website dedicated to volunteers with their names. You can have different levels of volunteers and rewards for becoming a volunteer.
For instance:
Level 1 (20 hours) – receive name on website, volunteer award (paper) plus a discount coupon to pet store
Level 2 (35 hours) – receive same as level 1 plus t-shirt
Level 3 (50 hours) – receive same as level 2 plus  key chain, pen & bandana
(these are just ideas you can make up what hours your want to give recognition and what prizes to give out)

Also once or twice a year if you can fit it in your budget to throw a volunteer & staff appreciation day where there can be food & pop :)

If you have any more ideas please post them in the comments section so others can see it! I hope some of this information has enlightened you and helps you get more volunteers!

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