Fundraise Friday – Annual Bike Auction

fridayTOMORROW  is the Annual FMSPCA Bike Auction, so if you are in the market for a bike and want to help out a really great organization be sure to get out there and bid bid bid or even eat eat eat from the bbq!
2014 bike auction poster webThe Bike auction takes place at the Fort McMurray SPCA (155 MacAlpine Crescent). Viewing begins at 10:00am and the auction starts at 11:00am. This year is a little different becausethere will also be the ribbon cutting for the new members only off leash dog park at 2:00pm. There will also be face painting, bike safety demos and of course a BBQ!

I am sooo excited for the off leash dog park to officially open! Fort McMurray has 1 designated dog park which happens to be located across town far from where I live. I do not bring Rolo there, not because its far away but because its absolutely discusting! People dont clean up their animals messes, dog parents stand around and talk while their agressive dog is out there bullying other dogs, people bring their un neutered animals around other animals who are in heat…It discusts me!! So anyways that is why I am excited about this new park because its going to be actually regulated and only for responsible pet owners!!

If you havent become a FMSPCA 2014 member yet now is your chance, this year has a ton of cool perks that come with your membership, like using the dog park ($5 per entry), or the fab groom room that is fully stocked with everything you need for your animal ($40 per hr…same price as pet valu but ours has WAY MORE!!)

Last year my step son and I volunteered at the bike auction (here is a photo from last year) It was jam-packed of people and bikes! If you want to help out at this event here is the Sign Up Genius for it!

bike auctionI hope you all take the time and come out and get your self a new bike while supporting the FMSPCA <3

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