Thinking about getting a new pet?

As I was out-of-town for Father’s Day weekend I didn’t get back in time to head up to the shelter Sunday to take some photos. So today I’m going to do something a little different and write about some things to think about before adopting an animal whether it’s a dog, cat, pig, guinea pig etc. I am on the internet all of the time and I see so many posts on Facebook, Kijiji and other places with the same old stories on them; had a baby and don’t have time for my new puppy anymore, my new animal I just got is taking too long to train …I’ve heard them all! Don’t get me wrong if someone really can’t keep their animal like a being in a horrible situation per say getting kicked out of the house, or being in an abusive relationship I do have sympathy. Here are some things to think about before getting an animal.

1) DO YOUR RESEARCH; If your like me you love to try to know as much as you can about something that is in your life. Before we put in an application on Rolo I did a ton of research on Canine Epilepsy so I could prepare myself for his adoption and make sure it was a suitable choice for us . I am very proud that I did that because the first time Rolo had a seizure in the middle of the night I was there to help him through it, I was calm and knew exactly what to do. Thank you Google!

And when I mean do your research I don’t just mean on that type of animal breed, look at some of the key points I put below like; cost, training, discipline, activities to do with kids and animals etc. When you get an animal, they will thank you!

2) COST; Once you adopt an animal it’s not just paying the adoption fee, there are many things you still need to pay.
– Yearly medical checkups
– Getting your animal fixed if they didn’t come that way
– Annual shots
– Food & treats…food for 1 month for Rolo is around $87
– Emergency medical fund in case of an accident, Rolo once broke a tooth and we had a $900 bill.
– In Rolo’s case he also takes daily medication and needs to get blood work done every 6 months.
– Going on Vacation; If you are going out-of-town and don’t have any family or friends that can watch your animal you have to think about the cost of a kennel or pet sitter too which can be about 30-50 a day for one animal. If you are taking your animal most hotels charge a pet fee of around $25 per night.

3) TIME & PATIENCE; an animal takes a lot of time & patience especially if it is a new animal or a puppy. I’ve seen many animals get returned because they didn’t like the animal after a week… Did you know it takes over a month for an animal to get situated? You can’t judge an animal by having them for ONE WEEK; it took Rolo at least 3 months to get all settled in with us. He was also an older, special needs dog which is why I think it took a little extra time.
– Give your animal a routine; around the same feeding time (Rolo gets fed in the morning before work 7:15am and around dinner time), same washroom breaks etc.
– Spend time with your animal; go for walks, head to the dog park, work on some tricks, snuggle.
– If you got a puppy consider doing some training classes like puppy kindergarten, basic tricks class etc.
– If you’re complaining about not giving enough time to your animal because of a new baby, why not take them both out for a walk? That is still spending time with your animal and your child at the same time! You would be surprised how many things you can do with your child and animal at the same time.

4) DISCIPLINE; It seems like a bad word but really it isn’t but it all depends on how you use it. I myself would never hit an animal and I don’t agree with people who do. I have found ways to discipline my dog without laying a finger.
-Use a loud, deep voice
-Point your finger at whatever they did
-Have key words like “Bad Dog and No!”
-Be consistent
Rolo has had a few problems over the time, with getting into his treat bowl and making a mess on the carpet. He knows as soon as I call his name in that “special voice” that he in trouble. When he finally comes over to you his head is down and he knows exactly what he did.

I hope you pass these tips along to someone who may be thinking about getting an animal, so they can be aware of some things to think about. Adopt Don’t Shop :)

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One thought on “Thinking about getting a new pet?

  1. Barbara says:

    We need to put our emotions to one side when thinking of getting a new puppy, and consider all the practical stuff that it involves; you have given us a great guide of things we need to think about before making that final decision. By doing our research on the potential new member of the family, we will be better equipped to take care of it.
    Great post, thank you!

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