Happy Birthday Rolo

This weeks Adopt me Monday is going to be a little different again! Today happens to be Rolo`s Bithday and I want to share a special post for him. It is his 3rd year being with us! 1095 days I have loved him for already!
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He has made such an impact on my life and taught me so much. Our bond is unbreakable and let me tell you when we first got him I never thought that would be possible. He was a very different dog, unlike any I have ever met.
Rolo did not bark, doesn’t not like toys, doesnt like kids but will tolerate them, scared of men, would rather be in his kennel at the shelter then outside playing. I know part of Rolos story like he was a stray from Janvier (a reserve near Fort McMurray), Rolo was brought to the shelter and then got adopted out to a family with kids. He was returned because he has Epilepsy. Theres more to the story but I don’t feel the need to mention it, as he would not be in my life if those people didn’t give up on him!

I am so happy that my husband made us take a chance on him. After all, he was the one who texted me and told me to go up to the shelter to look at this dog.  Can you believe that the day he brought Rolo home that Rolo jumped out of the back of the truck while parked and ran away! I don’t think he knew what he was in for when he got home. Feel free to check out the tab dedicated to Rolo on our main page. http://confessionsofarescuemom.com/about-rolo/

I want Rolo to know I will always be there for him as you are my FOREVER dog! Momma loves you more than you will ever know! Look for photos on our Facebook page later on of his birthday party!!! http://www.facebook.com/rescuemomblog

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