Wagging Wednesday – Safety for Celebrations

The beginning of July happens to be two pretty big celebrations in Canada and to our neighbours below in the USA. With these celebrations comes safety you need to remember while having pets.

10520633_10152191174838531_4882646215544654746_n Even though Canada Day was yesterday for us here are some pointers to our friends around the world who partake in celebrating (doesn’t have to be Canada Day or the Fourth of July, could be Mardi Gras, Octoberfest etc)

1) FIREWORKS: A scary thing to animals, most do not like the big loud bang a fireworks makes. There are a few things you comfort your pets with while there are fireworks going on in the area:
-Keep them in 1 room and be sure all windows are secured so they cannot jump out
-Turn on a tv or a fan to drown out the sound of fireworks
– Give them their favorite toy or a treat to chew on.
-If they use a thundershirt by thunderworks, put that on them. (there are a few products made by thunderworks that help with animal anxiety like the sweater, leash, treats, spray etc)
-Cuddle and console them
*I am very lucky to have a dog who enjoys going to see the fireworks BUT if he cannot see the fireworks he get scared of the bang and hides.

2) BUGSPRAY: If you are out celebrating during the day and there are bugs out, please do not put human bug spray on a dog, there is something in deet that is horrible for a dog to have. As we go camping a lot Rolo uses an all natural bug spray found out our local pet store (it even smells amazing).

3) BE CAUTIOUS OF FOOD; there are a lot of foods that animals cannot eat and people can. especially while at an event or a bbq there can be many temptations for an animal. Be sure to keep a close eye on them and if you have to say go to the washroom let someone you trust watch your animals. I would hate to see them get into something that they cannot have like: Chocolate, coffee, alcohol, avocado, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic etc…..basically all the good stuff!

4) IDENTIFICATION: Always a great thing to have even if you aren’t attending an event. Rolo has a super cute blue bone shaped dog tag with his name on the front and mine & hubbys numbers and names on the backside. He also has his rabies tag, which you can contact the vet and they can notify the owner AND our city licence tag too!

5) LOCKING DOWN THE FORT: If you are having a party at your house or attending a party somewhere else its best to do a walk around and secure your house/area before you leave/or start. Make sure all windows are closed so no animal can jump out. Keep doors locked. If people are coming in and out of your house why not put up a babygate a few feet away from the door so you can use that as a barrier, so your animal doesnt bolt outside.

I hope you all enjoy your events and celebrate safely!

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