Tuesday Blog Spotlight- Tails from the Foster Kittens

*Who is filling out this Interview?

*Where are you from?

*Tell me a little about yourself?
I’m 42 yrs old, married, no kids. I have been volunteering at the local shelter since 1996ish, and been fostering kittens since 2002

*What is your blog called?
Tails from the Foster Kittens over at http://kittyblog.netTFKblogheader
(Photo from Tails From The Foster Kittens Blog Webpage)

*When did you start blogging?
(Photo from the Tails from the Foster Kittens Facebook Page)

*Why did you start blogging?
Back when the internet was young, the thing to do was to have a blog. I had one for myself that my friends read, and we talked about our day, our thoughts of current events, etc. Once I started fostering all I seemed to do on the blog was talk about the kittens. I decided to spin that off on to its own blog. After I had been doing it for a couple of years I decided to buy the domain name. Tailsfromthefosterkittens.com seemed like way too much to type, so I bought kittyblog.net instead. I wanted .com but it was taken.
(Photo from the Tails from the Foster Kittens Facebook Page)

*How often do you blog? Is it a set schedule or random posts?
I started out pretty randomly. Back then there was no formal ‘blogging’.. People who blogged simply ‘blogged’ when they had something to say.. I kept that up for years. Once I started finding other blogs about cats I started realizing that people were “Blogging” I made it a point to attempt to be more regular with my posts. These days I post a minimum of five days a week, generally six, and occasionally something cute will come up and I end up blogging all week. *What is your blog about? Ok, sorry, that made me giggle, because I have already mostly covered that.. but more specifically I blog about my foster kittens. What they are doing, the challenges they might have, the discoveries they have made. How cute they are etc. MY own cats make appearances when something happens to them, or they are being uber cute, etc. Sadly posts about my own cats do not generate the traffic that the foster kittens do, so I generally do not post about them. Mostly because I adore them so much I’m afraid they’ll be offended if they ever find out they aren’t as popular on the internet. (OK fine, they have no idea what popular on the internet is, I’m a little bothered when their posts don’t go viral)
I ammm soo obsessed with this teddy chair, it is sooo cute!!
(Photo from the Tails from the Foster Kittens Facebook Page)

*Do you have any animals?
Yes, I own seven cats. I used to own eight.. and I don’t think anyone should think there is anything wrong with that.
(Photo from the Tails from the Foster Kittens Facebook Page)

*Fill In Your Social Media Contact Info:
Website: http://kittyblog.net
Email: connie@kittyblog.net
Facebook: http://facebook.com/TFKblog
Twitter: http://twitter.com/TFKblog
Instagram: http://instagram.com/TFKblog
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/TFKblog
 I’m on google+ too but that url is annoying.

*What do you hope to achieve with your blog in 2014?
I’d love to turn my blog into a money-making venture, but I’m very picky about the products I am willing to promote and I don’t see any of them willing to shell out significant money for blog promotions. So for now I interact with brands I think create a product I think is helpful, useful or healthy to cats. So I will settle for being a resource for people who might have questions about kittens or cat health. If I can help one person, it is worth it.

*Have you ever attended any Blog Conferences? If so what ones and how was it?:
I went to BlogPaws 2013. I was extremely disappointed in the conference itself. As a cat blogger I felt very undervalued.. not only in the representation of companies at the event, but by the staff and marketing they did as well. It improved quite a bit the next year, but it still has a way to go. I am intending to go to BarkWorld and BlogPaws in 2014.

*What do you get inspiration from?
Easy.. kittens.

*Any advice for someone wanting to start their own Animal Blog?
Find what speaks to you. If you do not love it, then it will just be an albatross around your neck. Enjoy it, own it, and be proud.

*What are some of your favorite pet blogs to read?
Well lets see, I have nearly 200 animal blogs in my newsfeed, and I think it would be sad if I started naming names and left anyone out. Let me tell you that what I adore about reading pet blogs is meeting other people who ‘get it’. Since I do rescue, all too often I run into people or hear stories that would make a pet lover’s toes curl. When I hear too many of them, I want to throw in the towel and give up. Reading blogs by people who LOVE and ADORE their pets.. these people are the ones that help me go on.. Reading the heartbreaking posts of beloved pets who have crossed over, reading through journal entries of health issues and all the effort taken to save a life.. heck just having a blog where you upload photos and share your cat with the world.. these blogs are the cold tall drink of water on a hot hot hot summer day for me..

*Do I have permission to copy this to my blog? Yes
*Do I have permission to use the photos you provided me with? Yes. (and any you might want to steal from my blog as long as you give me credit)

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