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Today we are doing a pet product review on the Thunderleash made by the same company that makes the ever so popular Thundershirt. ThunderLeash is the simpler “no pull” solution. The innovative hardware turns a leash into a “no pull” harness instantly. The safe pressure greatly reduces pulling with no need for a harness. Professional dog trainer recommended. 100% satisfaction guarantee. (I might have to add that I have seen many people take their own leash and somehow wrap and loop it around their dog so that it goes over the groin area..this is a NO NO!)

Company: ThunderWorks
Item: Thunderleash
Where to purchase:
Cost: $29.95
Twitter: @Thundershirt


Appearance & Design
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As soon as I saw the package in the mail I was excited! Most of my mail that comes in is plain white, or in a brown box but this was adorable packaging and you knew it was for an animal with the big smiling dog on it.Once I opened the adorable package there was a plastic wrapping containing the Thunderleash. I love how the clip part of the leash was displayed. Big wording that was easy to read.



Smell (if applicable)
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Taste Test by Rolo (if applicable)
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Creativity of Product
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The creativity is two paws up with this product. I know a ton of people who use harness’ on their animals and how fun it is trying to get their animal into it. Rolo doesn’t wear a harness but I know how hard it is to try to get a 100lb dog into his Halloween costume. As soon as I opened it I put it on Rolo, he immediately  thought he was going on a walk. It was very easy to clip together —  you just slide the leash to one side of the buckle, wrap around the dog and then slide the leash into the slot on the clip. Way faster than trying to get Rolo into his Halloween costume! (Two Photos below are borrowed from the Website)

thunderleash thunderleash-2

Durability(if applicable)
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I carefully examined the leash after I fitted Rolo for it. One thing that stands out to me the most is the handle. It looks as if it is made from some type of neoprene and it is squishy and comfortable! It’s always the little things that can make a big impact on products to me. I did put it in 2 hands and pull it as well just to make sure my big muscles couldnt rip it apart, happy to say that it didn’t budge at all!


Final Thoughts:
Testing Process: On Saturday July 5th I went up to the FMSPCA to test out the leash on a dog there, as you are able to take the dogs for walks there. I would have tested it out on Rolo but I am so lucky to have a dog who does walk amazing on and off leash. Chuck was my lucky subject to test this out and he is still up for adoption

I got the kennel attendant to take Chuck to the reception desk at the front as I fitted him with the thunderleash. Chuck is still a growing puppy and we all know how puppies are, excited and want to go explore. The kennel attendant and receptionists were astonished that chuck did not try to pull me out the door. (I might add that I have taken the FMSPCA dog walking clinic so I do know how to properly walk/while training a dog but I let the leash do all the work)

We walked over to the other side of the parking lot, he did some smelling, ate some grass. Honestly I didn’t have a hard time with him at all except when he saw a stick that he just needed to go and get and he was not going to let me or the leash stop him. After I took chuck into the dog park area and he didn’t do so well with the leash (BUT! he did have the kennel attendants around which we all know…have pockets full of treats)

All in all I do like the product and think it would be beneficial to use while training a dog, but I do still think people need to use other ways as well to get their dog to not pull like, as soon as they start pulling stop right at the spot and not continue until the leash is slacked or  If the animal starts pulling you can switch directions and start leading the dog. I mean you may look a little silly going it but it doesn’t matter what you look like you are thee to train your dog!

Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received a Thunderleash for posting an honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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