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tuesdayThis Tuesday’s Spotlight is a little different this week. I have decided to take part in the Blog For A Change blog hop put on by Be The Change For Animals. We bloggers have been asked to do a post regarding 3 Questions.

1) Tell us what you’ve done to Be the Change for Animals?:
My first step as an adult was to of course adopt an animal from our local shelter (Fort McMurray SPCA). My dog Rolo has been an inspiration to me to spread awareness about adopting and how to make a difference in this world. In March 2013 I launched my first official blog “Confessions of a Rescue Mom”. At first it was a way for me to use social media to help our local shelter by spreading news, talking about events and tell stories about animals up for adoption there. To this day my blog has grown faster than I ever had intended it to do and I have people from all around the world reading it! I hope that once I meet my goal that I become a top resource for all things animal & adoption!

Some of the other things Rolo and I have done to Be The Change are: 2012, 2013, 2014 we raised money as we walked in the annual “walk to stop animal abuse”(we got top fundraiser along with our friend Helen in 2013). March 26th, 2014 we participated in National Purple Day which is the national Epilepsy Awareness Day, Rolo has Canine Epilepsy and we love to promote awareness about this disease. In May 2012 I dawned a dress, bikini, spray tan and a ton of makeup to participate in the “Miss Wood Buffalo Pageant”. This pageant was about becoming an ambassador for Rolos former shelter the FMSPCA and I was also able to raise over $3500 for the FMSPCA and the title of “Miss Big Spirit”. In 2013 for our annual Christmas fundraiser we do for the shelter, Rolo and I along with my family were able to raise $1700 plus an entire SUV full of wish list items for the shelter. (Below are 3 photos, one from each year we did the walk to stop animal abuse”)
rolo-and-me407086_10151389128153531_1365199815_n 1506040_393738194101767_4286231962149297687_n
2) Who do you know who acts tirelessly on animals’ behalf?
I know a ton of people that I know online who come to mind when I think of this question but the ones that stand out the most happen to be ones that I was able to share a seat with on the Board of Directors for the Fort McMurray SPCA with:

Tara, Lynn, Andryia, Lisa, Amanda, George, Trisha & Sarah.

Most of them know why I admire them and will always look up to them! This group of super humans never seize to amaze me, everything they do for animals is truly amazing. I was so honoured to share a seat on the board with them and learn from the best of the best of animal supporters! This group of people have put in an endless amount of hours, worked their asses off, took in animals, adopted animals, fostered animals, created a fund for abused and neglected animals, attended and supported anything Rolo and I did for the shelter, planned amazing over the top events, turned the once boring fmspca twitter feed into a social media frenzy and the list really could go on because they never stop!!! All Rolo and I can say is Thank you for being YOU and making this world a better place, one paw at a time!

3) What favorite cause has a special need right now?
I think Education covers a lot of the causes that are my favorite at the moment; like putting programs in schools educating kids at a young age on how to treat animals and what to do if they see someone not treating an animal properly, this also goes well with teaching the kids bite prevention. Education on Spay & Neuter is a high priority on my list, the world is so over populated with animals and so many healthy adoptable animals get euthanized each day sadly due to space. The problem needs to start at the root of the problem with either spay & neuter or vaccinating the women dogs with birth control(preferably with the spay & neutering though). I also favor educating people about Canine Epilepsy because you know what, when I first was about to adopt Rolo I didn’t even know that animals could have Epilepsy. That made me start to do a ton of research on it and join special groups on facebook. The groups on facebook allow other dog moms to ask questions about medication, their dogs behavior, if they need support with losing an animal due to Epilepsy and so much more! Education is important, we need to teach the kids of our future the information of today!

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  1. Barb says:

    Like you, I believe education in schools about animal care and spay/neuter progams are a good place to start, and I admire all that you do in raising awareness in helping animals.

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