Thursday Book Spotlight; Always Remember

thursdayGood Morning Everyone! This Thursdays post is about a book written by Susan & Glenn! I will also be doing a product review on this book as soon as I can get it finished!! So look for that as well!! :) :)

*What is the name of the book?
Always RememberAlways_Book_Cover

*Who is filling out this interview?
Susan Crawford-Thomson and Glenn Thomson

*What is your involvement with this book?
We wrote the book, and Glenn took the majority of the photos.

*How was the book started and what was your inspiration?
After 20 great years together, we found our lives turned upside down on January 23, 2008 when we heard the dreaded words from my surgeon, “It is cancer.”  It was quite a year, but the next year on January 23 we decided to celebrate and look for a puppy.  Heffy our bull wiener arrived that May, and life has never been been better!   Looking back at my career, I have many fond memories, but the memories of the past five years with Heffy and Glenn are the best.  Heffy still has the patients that he visits:  the little boy with Crohn’s disease, the older lady with Parkinson’s, an older man who broke his hip, a lady who had a stroke and can’t speak, and an older lady who broke her pelvis.  And his list of tricks to make them all laugh has grown exponentially!  Heffy is always waiting in the car whenever there is a trip back to the cancer hospital for a followup scan.  He always brings his soccer ball wherever he goes, so it is beside him on the seat while he leans on the dashboard, waiting patiently for a glimpse of Susan and Glenn heading back to the car — back to him, their favorite boy, so that he can do more of his wonderful therapy work!  Laughter is the best medicine – more so when it is laughter with a funny bull wiener!   This year to commemorate the sixth anniversary of her cancer diagnosis, we decided to give back to charity. I have been writing book reviews of animal cancer books for Bailey’s Library on, so donating all our profits back to Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation was the natural choice  Our book, Always Remember, is a celebration of dogs we know — a simple yet powerful book, telling what dogs like Heffy have taught those around them, how those dogs hold a special place in the hearts of their owners — and most importantly, that they will always be remembered no matter what.

*When was it released?
May 2014

*What is the cost of the book?
$3.99 US or $4.33 Canadian
All of the profits are donated back to the animal cancer charity associated with Pet Planet stores across North America

*Who was it published by?

*Who was it written by?
Susan Crawford-Thomson and Glenn Thomson

*Who was it illustrated by?
Glenn took many of the photos, and designed the entire book on Adobe Indesign. Some of the photos were submitted by fellow dog lovers.

*Where can someone get a copy of this book?,, ibooks, Kobo and GooglePlay

*What is the book about?
Always Remember celebrates dogs we know, and what they have taught us. The book is simple but powerful when you stop and think about the photos and the words. It is about how those dogs hold a special place in the hearts of their owners and their patients, and how they will always be remembered no matter what.

*How many pages is the book?
58 pages in total in 26 photo spreads We want to do a second edition this fall with a lot more photos and matching sayings. Please help and submit a photo or two of your dog to All profits are being donated to help support animal cancer research.

*What age group is the book targeted to? It is targeted to all ages, children and up – for anyone who has a furry best friend they will always remember whether they are still in their lives or not. Always Remember is meant to remind us of all the things that dogs teach us – the funny things, the loveable things, the adventurous things, and the unforgettable things – all with photos to match.

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