Fundraise Friday – Raise some money for YOUR shelter!

I happen to love fundraising, there’s nothing more rewarding than working your butt off to donate to someone who needs it more than yourself. Rolo and I happen to do a lot of fundraising, some are small and some are big.Weve done bottles drives, photo booths, shopping events and some others as well as  last winter as our “Annual Christmas Fundraiser” we were able to raise $1700 in kennel sponsorships as well as a whole SUV full of wish list items the shelter needed. We want to give you some simple ideas on how to raise some money for your local shelter.

1) Ballot Draw:  I have seen this done with wine bottles but you can use anything, bags of coffee, 6 pack of beer, dog items, cat items, shelter wish list items etc. There are two ways to do this.
-1 Ballot is $20 each as well as donating an item (like above)
-At the end of the draw one ballot is picked (best to let this run for a month or two)
-Now here is the two ways you can do it: If using items the shelter doesn’t need the person who wins would win 1/4 of the money raised as well as the wine, coffee, beer etc. If you chose to do one with shelter wish list items the person who wins would get half the amount of money raised.
-Be sure to get people buying tickets to put name and phone number on it

2) Bottle Drive: Everyone should know how a bottle drive works but here are some good ideas to up your game!
-Make flyers and pass them out, on the flyer you should put what you are doing, who you are planning to raise money for and why, a contact name and number (a bunch of names and numbers actually) so people can call if they have bottles to donate.
-Make a facebook event and post on all your local facebook pages
-Put add’s up on Kijiji
-Drop flyers off at local business’
-Contact restaurants and see if they would donate their recyclables

3) Charity Garage Sale: We have realtors in town that put together large fundraisers for non-profit organizations all the time. This is a great way for peopel to doante their items they dont need to a special cause
-A perfect time is spring when there is no snow and when people are in that “spring cleaning mode”
-Make a facebook event saying you are taking donations and where to drop them off to.
-Be sure to put that all proceeds are donated to your organization

4) Basket Draw: Raffle off a gift basket with random items in it and proceeds are donated to your shelter
-Contact local business’ to see fi they are interested in donating a special item for the basket draw.
-Be sure to get some business cards from the business
-Sell each ticket for a specific price (example: 1 for 10 or 3 for 25)
-Be sure to get people buying tickets to put name and phone number on it
(example of one that was done a while ago by some ladies in Fort McMurray)
Just remember that if you are going to raise money for YOUR shelter to contact them before hand to ask them if this is ok, As you do not want your event to be at the same time they may be having a major fundraiser. If you have any suggestions for people please feel free to comment on this post and share them! We love new ideas!

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