Wagging Wednesday – #petproductreview “For Tails Only”

wednesdayIt’s Wagging Wednesday and I have another #petproductreview for you! Tara had contacted me from For Tails Only to do a review on a couple of items that they sell. I had heard about this company before and am excited to try out some of the things. At the moment they are only just repping in USA but one day hope to expand!


Want to know a little about For Tails Only?
For Tails Only is a woman-owned, exclusive, online pet boutique that caters to both dogs and cats. Currently only based out of the United States; but if you’re from Canada, just message me and I’ll get the order placed and shipped to you myself until we broaden our horizons! (that is so nice of Tara to do that for us up here in Canada!) We have all natural treats and pet food made in the USA as well as grooming & bath products, unique toys, and so much more!

gradeHere is a photo of our adorable product tester, my dog; RoloRoloCompany:  For Tails Only – Rep # 1011701: Tara Hamm
1)Connectin – Chewable Joint Pills
2) TerraBone – Teeth Cleaning Bone
3) OptaGest – Prebiotic & Enzyme Blend
4) Treats: Charcoal Chews, Carrob Hearts & Pill Buddy Naturals (Grilled Duck Flavor- only product in the line made in Canada)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DoggieLover16
Website: http://www.fortailsonly.com/#DoggieLover16

Let’s start this product review!

Appearance & Design
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Everything was presentable when it arrived. I loved the coloring of the terrabone..maybe because it was pink and reminded me of my old blog business cards hehe. She put the treat samples into a little brown bag that had a window on it and labeled what each treat was for me.

Smell (if applicable)

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Rolo has a great sniffer on him and when I get a package in the mail I am pretty sure he knows it is for him. Each item I opened he sniffed before he ate it (I guess to check to make sure Im not feeding him vegetables or something). I especially liked the smell of the carob hearts anything that has chocolate makes my mouth water. As dogs should not have chocolate Carob chips are a great alternative! Rolo could not smelling the air after I opened up the Grilled Duck Pill Buddy!

Taste Test by Rolo (if applicable)
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All 20 paws up for flavor on everything! I was a little scared that Rolo might not have eaten the Connectin Joint Pill BUT one sniff and it was gone! Which actually surprised me! Rolo can be picky for example when eating french fries, he will not even smell mcdonalds fries, but if it is fries from NYFries he can’t get enough of them! Rolo loves all these products

Creativity of Product
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Some of the product lines that For Tails Only sells are ones I recognize like Smart Cookie and Himalayan Dog Products!  My favorite thing about the pill buddies, terrabone & connectin is that they serve more than one purpose, not just the sole purpose of being a treat. The pill buddies are great for when you have a dog who takes medication; like rolo does twice a day. Sometimes its hard to get him to take his medication but if you can hide it into a treat, there is no way they wont take it. The Terrabone serves as a treat and a toothbrush! We all know how much money it costs to take their animals to the vet to get a teeth scaling, and if there is a product that can help keep your dogs teeth cleaner in the meantime that to me is awesome! When Rolo first started getting joint problems I would give him human glucosamine pills that I would cut the end off and squish the gritty liquid onto his pet food, Having a treat like connectin is easy, not a pain in the bum to prepare and your dog thinks its a treat! (haha trickery!)

Durability(if applicable)
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The Testing Process:
Here are some photos that we took during our “testing process” :)
photo 5 photo 3 photo 2 photo 4

Final Thoughts:
I think For Tails only is a great company with great products! I cant wait to purchase some items for Rolo and I hope you do too!! Are you in the USA and want to become a rep and earn money with For Tails Only!?? Contact our personal representative Tara to get more information! TaraHamm1216@hotmail.com

Did you know that For Tails Only has a monthly box that will auto ship to your pets with a bunch of goodies in it!! Think of it as Christmas every month for your pet! Spoil them, because they deserve it!10308209_285973024905905_2646854986601213141_n
Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received samples of: optagest, pill buddies, carob hearts, charcoal chews, connectin and a terrabone for posting an honest review.  The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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