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thursdayThis Thursdays spotlight features Kevin and his furbabies. Kevin is a animal blogger too and here is his post about his blog here:

*Your Name?

*Where are you from?
Melbourne, Australia

*Animals(s) (Age, Breed & Name)?
Cynder – 2 years Border Collie
Sprocket – 10 months Terrier cross
Froggle – 7 years Green Tree Frog
Marshie – 7 years Marsh Frog
Bunley – 1 year Rabbit

*Interesting Facts About Your Animal(s)?
Cynder – is training in Dances with Dogs, a quick learner who loves tricks!

Sprocket – is a smart little terrier with a penchant for digging

Froggle & Marshie – keep to themselves, enjoy crickets

Bunley – Doesnt mind playing with the dogs when shes hopping around the backyard.

*Animal(s) Favorite Treat?
Cynder & Sprocket – SavourLife treats
Froggle & Marshie – Crickets
Bunley – Spinach

*Animal(s) Favorite Trick?
Cynder – Jumping through a hoop
Sprocket – Standing on his back legs
Froggle & Marshie – hopping
Bunley – kicking in the air. froggle-e1401755289380

*Where is your pet(s) favorite place to go?
Cynder – the beach or hiking
Sprocket – Walks

*Perspective on Adopting a Rescue?
I work for an animal shelter so I think its important for people to consider adoption first. There are so many dogs, cats and other animals out there looking for their second chance so you should definitely consider that. They arent damaged or broken and they make incredibly loving pets. IMG_5501

*Whats your favorite thing to do with your animal (walks, going to a park, playing games etc.)?
Training tricks and in Dances with Dogs.

*Favorite Quote?
Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.Mary Bly

*Favorite website to get pet information?

*Do your animal(s) love to go for car rides?
Cynder and Sprocket love the car! They usually sleep, especially on long trips.

*Whats your favorite animal product?
SavourLife dog treats, 100% Australian made treats with 50% of profits donated to rescue groups and shelters. They are made with Australian meat and less salt than other treats, plus they are really great for training (

*Why do you think volunteering at an animal rescue/shelter is important?
Anything you can do to help animals get ready for adoption and finding new homes is awesome. Shelters need all the help they can get and its often hard for not for profit organisations to run on the budgets that they have. Any extra help by way of volunteering is really beneficial.

*Do I have permission to copy this to my blog?: yes
*Do I have permission to use the photos you provided me with?: yes

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