Thursday Spotlight – Ruger The Staffy


Today’s blog post is a spotlight on Ruger! Ruger is a ever so handsome Staffy who also is one of Rolo’s EPI-Friends :) You can follow him on facebook at:!/pages/Ruger-the-Staffy

*What is your name?
Melissa and Jason

*Where are you from?
The Gold Coast, Australia

*Animal(s) Name? Age? Breed?
1 dog, Ruger, 4yrs 4months, English Staffordshire Terrier

*Interesting fact about your animal?
Ruger came into epilepsy on 8 August 2013, 7 months shy of his 4th birthday and two weeks after his annual booster shot (from research some strains on these boosters are manufactured in different parts of the world and some have been know to cause seizures) our council also spray the weeds in our area with a mixture of round up and red food dye (to warm humans of pesticides used in the area) we were not aware of this until we called the the council the day after Ruger had his first seizure, the night leading up to his seizure he was licking his paws like crazy (something he not usually does). He also can preform many tricks, for our attention to teaching him, he has never attended puppy school. He can talk (bark) on command, high five, double high five, shake, crawl, roll, you can ask him to start his motorbike and he will growl, he also likes playing pretend dead after being pretend shot. Will tell you like clock work when dinner time and breakfast is, he likes his routine of morning walk and if it is pouring rain and we can not go he gets Quite upset and sulks. He certainly has his routine.

*Animal(s) Favorite Treat?

*Animal(s) Favorite Trick?
Being shot and ‘playing dead’ and growling like a motorbike on command

*Where is your pets favourite place to go?
Ruger loves going to the beach, walking around the lake or visiting friends

*Perspective on adopting a rescue?
People who adopt are amazing and loving people with beautiful hearts. We visit our local animal shelters at least once a month and donate. The people who volunteer there time to help these animals are amazing people doing wonderful things for these animals looking for a second chance, in most cases through no fault of their own. Strongly believe in Australia there should be stricter laws in place to be allowed the privilege to adopt an animal. It is a life long commitment and there are too many pets in our neighbourhood that are no more than garden ornaments who get no exercise, socialisation, attention or love.
*What is your favourite thing to do with you pet?
There are so many things we love to do with Ruger, daily walks, taking him for car rides, visiting friends, going to the beach, picnics. He is a part of our family and him sitting with us on the couch is great family time too. Some of the best conversations we have had have been with Ruger, animals have a way of leaving foot prints on your heart to last a life time and show you unconditional love and respect.

*Favourite Quote?
With Ruger’s illness and his past health when he fought hard for his life, he has shown us through the hardest and most trying times in life, stay positive and a quote which sums Ruger up would be, there are no disabilities in life, only ignorance and bad attitudes. Trying to stay positive through Ruger’s illness is something that has helped us deal with it, we can not change it, no matter how hard I wish or we wish we could, it is the card Ruger has been dealt and we will never stop supporting, researching and helping along his life’s path.

*Favourite web site to get pet information?
No one is particular

*Do you animal(s) like to go for car rides?
Don’t even mention the word car to Ruger – he runs around and barks in excitment at the sheer mention on the word car

*What is your favourite animal product?

*Why do you think volunteering at an animal shelter is important?
If there were no volunteer’s than there would be so many more cases of euthanised animals, this number is already to high.

*Anything else you would like to add?
Please feel free to do back through Ruger’s post if you had the time and were interested where there is a photo after his operation and a good write up about where he has came from, this may give you additional resource or ideas for your blog.

Finally thank you so very much Kimberley for taking the time to contact us and giving us this opportunity to speak with you. Our goal is to raise awareness of canine epilepsy and support anyone on two feet, four paws or families affected by this terrible condition.

You have permission to use this information on your blog, apologies not the best at writing but hope you are able to understand and you also have permission to look through Ruger’s album and use photo’s you see would be related to your blog to use.

Much respect and regards – Melissa, Jason and Ruger** Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you enjoy reading about something I am very passionate about; being an animal advocate. If you enjoy my blog be sure to share it with your friends & family and check us out on other social media pages!
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One thought on “Thursday Spotlight – Ruger The Staffy

  1. jo camilleri says:

    Ruger & he’s family are a true inspiration.
    We also have a 22 month old English Staffie who has epilepsy.
    Roger & his mum & dad have been a real insight & have shown me there is hope with the horrible disease.
    Thank you Ruger, your a true champion.

    Jo Camilleri

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