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It’s Wagging Wednesday and I have another #petproductreview for you! These last few weeks have been insane for me with product reviews and I absolutely love every moment of it. My most favorite thing is to share with people our honest experience with these items. This week’s item is going to touch your hearts! This week I am reviewing A product from the company Farewell Products and it is the Pet Urn Kit.

I also did an Interview with Farewell Products and you can read it here: http://confessionsofarescuemom.com/2014/08/13/wagging-wednesday-interview-with-farewell-products/

You may ask how I am doing this review if Rolo is still alive and kicking, Well in 2008 I lost my best friend since I was a child; Sparky. I had her cremated and she resided in a box with some stickers on it. Today is a special day as she moved from the box to a beautiful wooden urn. This is a bittersweet product review for me and I do it in her honour! RIP Sparky you are forever missed.
sparky lee

(Borrowed from their website) The Farewell Pet Kit was born out of need. Our family dog grew up with the children. Our three children couldn’t even remember life without her. After 16 years our very best friend passed. Whatever should we do to honor her? How can we eulogize her? How would we ease the children’s pain?

We wanted to bury her and give her a dignified, compassionate sendoff with a service that the children would remember.There was nowhere to purchase a pet casket, and it was almost impossible to find a service for an animal geared to both children & adults.

The wheels started turning… with the result being this unique kit.
We wanted the pet casket to be both eco- and user-friendly for assembly. To our delight we were successful on both counts and we now can offer a USA-designed and patented pet casket, easily assembled, ready for use in just a few minutes – a casket requiring No Nails! No Screws! No Glue!

We are proud to say that all our components are made in the USA: our pet caskets are manufactured in Frazeysburg, Ohio using birch wood, and the packaging materials are also products of the USA.

We enlisted a professional grief counselor to prepare a family oriented Guidebook and Memorial Service.The loss of a beloved pet is probably a child’s first experience with the passing of a loved one. We feel it is very important that they be a significant part of the service and participate in all the steps during this difficult time.

We at Farewell hope that we have helped your family during this process. We wish you wonderful memories of happier days spent with your beloved pet.

 Our Grading System for product reviews:

Company: Farewell
Item: DIY Urn Kit
The First Complete Pet Urn Kit. The Farewell Urn Kit includes everything you need for a dignified and meaningful goodbye for your best friend:
– Birch Plywood Urn: eco-friendly and bio-degradable
– Will hold the ashes of pets up to 100lbs
– Urn Size 8” Height x 5 ½ “ Width x 4” Depth
– Family friendly Guidebook to help families through the grieving process
– Complete non-denominational funeral and burial service with a complete non-denominational funeral service.
– Paint and Brush kit to personalise the casket
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FarewellProducts
Website: http://farewellpetkit.com
Twitter: @FarewellPetKit

Let’s start this product review!

Appearance & Design
1 2 3 4 5
I loved the smell of this as soon as I opened the box, I work at a mill and love walking into the actual sawmill to smell the fresh wood being cut. All of the pieces were there in the box and without reading the instructions it was easy to figure out what goes where. I pulled out my trusty hot glue gun and attached the name plaque to the box. The size of the box was perfect to fit in Sparkys box (she was around 80lbs) and her leash she had that I kept as a keepsake.
photo 7

Smell (if applicable)
1 2 3 4 5

Taste Test by Rolo (if applicable)
1 2 3 4 5

Creativity of Product:
1 2 3 4 5
The creativity of this product actually deserves more the a 5! Losing a pet is a horrible thing to go through. When I lost Sparky I didn’t leave my camp room in the oilfield for 2 days. No one knew where I went and I didn’t want to see anyone. The grieving process is something no one can explain what it does to your heart and I think if there was something like this back in 2008 I would have purchased it right away.

Durability(if applicable)
1 2 3 4 5
Still definitely a 5 out of 5, Its made from wood and if you were to drop it I really don’t think that it would break. It’s not flimsy or cheaply made, its high quality.

The Testing Process:
Below: This is what came in the box I received, 2 paintbrushes, 2 booklets, paint, the box with lid and stoppers to close the box and a name plaque.photo 6
This is during my painting process. I painted some dog foot prints on it and outlined her name in purple, I then decided to paint the lid purple too. I admit I am not the most artistic person so it does look like a child did it :) I had fun doing it, I turned up my radio and painted away!
photo 2 photo 5

Below: a photo of my dear Sparky as well as her cardboard box she is inphoto 8

Below: I put her box as well as her old leash into the new urn. sealed it up and painted the top of the box purple.
photo 1

Final Thoughts:
A big hands up to Farewell Products for creating something not only for adults but for kids as well. I absolutely love the little workbooks for kids, there is games, places to draw photos and questions to fill out about their pet. It really is adorable and I think it can truly help the grieving process. In the Other booklet it helps you plan a proper funeral for your beloved pet with a fill in the blanks ceremony. Amazing Amazing Amazing is all I have to say! If you had just lost a pet I really recommend purchasing one of these products and getting your whole family involved in painting the urn and planning the ceremony. Your pet will look down on you from the Rainbow Bridge and smile at you :)
(the two photos below are from each of the booklets)
photo 3photo 4

Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received a Farewell Products pet urn kit for posting an honest review.  The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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  1. Barbara says:

    What a great and practical product, and something that all pet owners will have to consider at some point, sadly. Getting children involved in losing a pet would be excellent therapy for them as they help to paint the box – this company have thought of everything!
    I love this and am wondering if they ship overseas to Australia; going to check out their website.

  2. Jocelyne Monette says:

    Congrats Jarrad!!! I bought his products for my pet memorial center in British Columbia and we are unveiling the Farewell Kits at the largest pet fair on the West Coast this Sunday. It is a perfect product for children as they experience the grief of losing a beloved companion. Kudos Jarrad – very happy for you!! This is an aweseom review!

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