Tuesday Rescue Spotlight – Barks Of Love

*Who is filling out this interview?

Luke Plubell

*What is your position for your Animal Rescue/Shelter?
Adoption Coordinator and Logistics Manager

*What is the name of your Animal Rescue/Shelter?
Barks of Love Rescue and Placement Services

*Where are you located?

*Do you offer any awareness programs to your community?

*How long has your Animal Rescue/Shelter been around for?
Founded in 2008

*What types of animals do you have at your Animal Rescue/Shelter?
Orange County’s very own 100% NO KILL, Foster-Based, All-Breed Dog Rescue!

*Do you sell any shelter swag? If so what, and pricing?
none at this time

*If someone wanted to become a volunteer, how could they?
Visit our website www.barksoflove.org and click tab that says volunteer.
Complete application and e-mail it to volunteer@barksoflove.org

*What types of items do you take as donations?
Our “reserves” are small and every dollar we have is needed to continue to saving additional animals from high-kill shelters in addition to supporting them while they are in our fostering program, awaiting their furrever home.  This includes food, bowls, crates, toys, treats, collars, leashes, flea/tick/heartworm medication, toenail trimmings, spay/neuter, vaccinations (including rabies), general exam, fecal test, de-worming and other medical care, as necessary. By donating, your funds help us continue ensuring that fostering with Barks of Love is free to our foster parents. Without them, saving all of these lives would not be possible. If you would like to donate towards our rescue fund, we would be so grateful.  Every dollar counts and no amount is too small. Remember, donations are tax deductible!

*Do you have any fundraisers coming up that you want my viewers to know about?
All events are listed in this link. Depending on print time please visit our website link provided for the most current list of events.

Surprise your furry friend with a BarkBox full of goodies and treats!!!
For each order a $15 donation is made to Barks Of Love Animal Rescue
Use their 10% discount code BBX1BLAR at checkout or head here to get started: https://barkbox.com/?utm_keyword=shelter_referral&url_coupon=BBX1BLAR

*What is the adoption process like?
1.  An application must be filled out entirely before continuing with the process. 2.  Veterinary/Personal references checked.
3.  In-home inspection conducted.
4.  Meet and Greet with all members of the household and any pets in the home.
5.  Adoption contract will be signed once all previous steps are met.

*What does your shelter/rescue hope to achieve in 2014?
The specific purposes for which this corporation is organized are to decrease the total number of animals being euthanized each year, provide a safe and caring home for animals that are being neglected, abused and/or abandoned, and offer community education and awareness. The means for providing such programs include, but are not limited to, donations and fundraisers. 

*Fill in Media Contacts:
Email: joe@barksoflove.org
Website: http://www.barksoflove.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/barksofloveoc
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarksOfLove

*Do I have permission to copy this to my blog? yes
*Do I have permission to post photos you have provided me with? yes

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  1. valsilver says:

    I appreciate your goals for minimizing euthanasia and providing community education, which is so important. Thanks for all you do for dogs.

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