Being Rolo’s Mom

June 23, 2011 had changed my dog mom life forever. We became the parents of an older, epileptic dog who needed a lot of work. I am sure you have seen our millions of photos plastered all over facebook & twitter of his life. He lives a great life and I make sure that he is as comfortable as possible. If I told you it was a walk in the park being Rolo’s Mom, most of the time it is but well sometimes it isn’t.

Rolo lives his life in a routine and I think with having him have that stability it truly had changed him. You see when we adopted Rolo he was nothing like he is today, he was shy, scared, timid and didn’t like me or Brett one bit!
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Every morning between 7am-9am (depends on the weekday) he eats his yummy sweet potato & venison dog food along with glucosamine supplements and his phenobarbital pills for his Canine Epilepsy. Right now he is taking pumpkin puree in his breakfast with a lower dose of food in hopes that he may lose a little weight.


Now that Rolo is older he finds it very hard to get up on the flooring so I have put a yoga mat down for him in the kitchen. That’s his spot to sit while I cook, get ready for work and where he eats his breakfast. After his breakfast he goes downstairs for his morning washroom break, goes outside smells the air, sometimes sits down for a little bit then comes back in. Normally at this time I head to work. He always sits on the stair landing near our front door and waits for me to leave. I always give him some sort of treat before I leave whether it’s a dentastick, milkbone brushing chew or whatever we happen to have in his treat box at that time. I give him a hug, a kiss, and tell him I will be back later and that I love him.

When I arrive home I am greeted with a smiling squeaky dog who acts like I was gone for an entire month. Want Proof? Check this out! 

You might ask why I stated before that some days aren’t easy being Rolo’s Mom well let me tell you why —- ONE WORD  —  WORRYING Rolo has Canine Epilepsy and with being a mom of a dog with a disorder there is a lot of worrying that goes with it. It is so heart breaking seeing your loved one going through a seizure and seeing how they act durring and after they have one. Making sure Rolo gets his pills daily is my number 1 priority. If that means changing things in my schedule to make sure he gets it, I will! To those of you who are pet parents of a animal with a disorder, paws up to you for not giving up on them when they really need you! The first time it happened I stayed home from work to be with him all day. All he did was sleep but I wanted to be there with him to show him that I cared. I think most of the worrying comes when I go on vacation out of the country where I cannot bring him with me. I have it set in my mind that I know exactly how Rolo loves everything, I know each and every squeak and face he makes and no one can take care of him as well as I can and you know what that probably is true. Anytime I am not with him he is constantly in my thoughts, Even on my wedding day in Mexico I had a little organza bag attached to my bouquet with a little Rolo charm in it!

As I mentioned before about Rolo having a yoga mat in the kitchen on the hardwood well the reasoning behind that is with the epilepsy medication he is on he gets hind end weakness along with him having arthritis it’s hard for him to get a grip on the floor to get up with his back legs. When making dinner one night Rolo tried getting up and ended up doing the splits because he couldn’t get grip on his feet. He yelped and I ran over and put myself under hip and pushed him up. My fear is that he will do that when no one is around and seriously hurt himself. So then I brought in the yoga mat. When we go visit people who have hardwood flooring, yes you betcha I bring that yoga mat with us! On our trip to Mexico I decided to actually fully bar Rolo out of the kitchen while we were gone for over a week because I didn’t want to take any chances of that happening even though he had the yoga mat in there. We have hardwood in our room as well and right now Rolo usually sleeps in his bed beside me. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the side of the room that has the fan. Before when there wasnt a rug on that side I would hear him go click click click across the floor and then I would wake up, grab a  yoga mat and slide it under him for when he decides he wants to get up. Now I have a rug on that side of the room incase he decides to go over there at night time. Over protective, yes but I would rather him be able to get up then injure himself.

Right now Rolo has a pulled muscle in his back leg that he keeps on injuring, so his life is full of massages, heating pads, ice packs, joint supplements, small walks and not many trips in the car. It sucks a lot having to leave him at home most of the time but he needs to get better and I know in time he will! One thing I know is that no matter what life throws us I will also be that rock that Rolo needs in his life. He is my FOREVER dog and will always be! I am so proud of what he has become and what he has taught me in life. I love you baby boy!

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2 thoughts on “Being Rolo’s Mom

  1. Dakota/Caren/Cody says:

    Ohhhh you made me cry! How BLESSED Rolo is to have found a furever home whose devotion knows no bounds. How BLESSED you are to have found Rolo who is enriching your life in ways that I am sure you couldn’t imagine! xoxo

    • Kimberley - Confessions of a Rescue Mom says:

      Thank you so much. I love him and would do anything for him, even if it means getting up in the middle of the night to put a yoga mat under him or lend him my nice ottoman to get up into the suv because he cant jump. Anything and everything for this little guy! <3

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