Tuesday Blogger Spotlight – Your Special Dog

*Who is filling out this Interview?

The answers are from me, the blogger behind YourSpecialDog

*Where are you from?
I am from a beautiful country on Europe , in the Balkan area called Albania

*Tell me a little about yourself?
I have been blogging for almost one year and it is the thing that most relaxes me. I love dogs , photography ,  and website design , and design in general . I am in the last year of studying to get my MSc degree .

*What is your blog called?
My blog is called Your Special Dog

*When did you start blogging?
I started blogging on November 2013

*Why did you start blogging?
Because I love dogs , plus  for such a long time the idea of my blog has been on my mind .

*How often do you blog? Is it a set schedule or random posts?
A minimum of three posts a week. Sometimes I schedule my posts and some time I don’t  , it depends .

*What is your blog about?
My blog is all about dogs and their stories . You can know dogs better and love them more when you read such beautiful stories about them . I share a lot of  general information about dogs too. My blog is like a small dogs magazine focused on dogs stories.

*Do you have any animals?
I have a dog called Doni and he is a Rottweiler , he is an inspiration for me when it comes on blogging.

*What do you hope to achieve with your blog in 2014?
The most important thing of all is  to grow my readers group , people who really love what they read.

*Have you ever attended any Blog Conferences? If so what ones and how was it?:
No I haven’t . Living in Albania makes it  a little difficult for me to do that , since most of the conferences are held in the  US.

*What do you get inspiration from?
I get the inspiration from my readers , when I make them smile or happy , or even when I help them.

*Any advice for someone wanting to start their own Animal Blog?
That is a difficult question . That person should have some  free time . It takes time to grow your blog’s audience , which I think is important for every blogger . In the meantime it is a great thing to do , it will make you happy , and you will get to  know so many lovely people from the blogging world that are willing to help you .

*What are some of your favorite pet blogs to read?
If I would mention all of them it would be a very long list  . I kind of love all the pet blogs out there . Some of them are : Pawsitively pets, Earl’s World , Barking from the Bayou , My GBGV Life … ect .. ect .

*Anything else you would like to add?
If anyone that has a story  about  their dog they can submit it here : http://www.yourspecialdog.com/p/write-your-story.html

*Fill In Your Social Media Contact Info:
Website:  http://www.yourspecialdog.com/
Email: rottweilers.rotvajler@gmail.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/yourspecialdog
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/YourSpecialDog
Google+:  https://plus.google.com/+YourspecialdogBlogspotdog/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/yourspecialdog

*Do I have permission to copy this to my blog?  You do have permission to copy this to your blog .

*Do I have permission to use the photos you provided me with? Yes you do have permission to use the photos from my blog or social media accounts  .

Be sure to read our interview with Your Special Dog here: http://www.yourspecialdog.com/2014/08/a-different-dog-story-of-rolo.html

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