Thursday Business Spotlight – Mema Pets

thursday*What is the name of your business?
Our business is called MEMA pets.

*Who is filling out this interview?
My name is Patricia Ochoa, Co-Founder of MEMA pets.

*How long have you been with the company for:
I’ve been with the company since it started at the beginning of this year, when we started this company, January 2014.

*How long has your business been around for? *Why was it started?
Mehdi Malek (the founder) and I met at a dog park about 3 years ago, we were each walking our own dog and our dogs became dog park friends, and every time we saw each other we would talk about what kinds of dog products we would invent to improve the lives of dogs. So we decided enough with just talking about what we would invent let’s just do it. Mehdi’s favorite quote is, “action cures fear.”

*Do you have any animals? If so, name, breed and something interesting about them?
Where do I begin!  let’s start with the dogs: We have a Chocolate Lab/pit-bull/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix named Renzo that we rescued from the local shelter, he pulls like crazy, loves diving for sticks, and still acts like a puppy even though he’s three years old. We also have a cute little Boston Terrier girl named Tesla who is hilarious, and is probably the most spoiled dog I’ve ever met, she’s never been alone a single day in her life, as I’m typing this she is literally sitting on my lab… spoiled!

We also have a black kitty named Kugi, she was in a litter of feral kittens that we adopted from the shelter, when she was a kitten she was always looking out the window wanting to be free, would never drink water out of her bowl, she preferred to hunt for water, drinking from the sink tap or from water left on the counter. After about 3 years of being strictly an indoor cat, we finally let her outside, and she loved it; she was in kitty heaven smelling everything and hunting the gophers in the front yard, and chasing lizards. That night she came back in for dinner and then wanted out again, meowing at the door for me to let her out, and that’s been our routine ever since, she hangs out in the garden all day, sunbathing, and living the good cat life, and only come in for dinner or if it’s raining outside.

Speaking about sun bathing, we also have a Russian Tortoise that I found while driving! He was walking across the street and I almost ran him over thinking he was a rock in the middle of the road! I canvassed the neighborhood with “Found Tortoise” flyers and put an ad on Craigslist saying I had found a Tortoise in such and such neighborhood, but after a couple of weeks with no response it was decided that we would keep the Tortoise, he now lives in big clay pot on wheels and I put him out during the day so he can sunbath and get fresh air, at night he comes back in, I’ve heard that people just keep them in their backyards letting them run around freely, but this guy is a digger! That’s probably how he got out in the first place, so no running loose in the backyard for Mr. Tortoise.

Next is our bearded dragon who lives in the living room where he gets to watch TV and is protected from the elements, he loves crickets and eats more salad than I do, he swims in his water bowl and basks in the heat of the heat lamp, he’s always active when we are home, I imagine it’s because he’s been napping all day.

And last but not least is our Betta, the Betta fish lives in the kitchen by the sink and window, he gets a lot of attention, since we’re always in the kitchen, he has a great view and sleeps in the roots of the peace lily that’s in his tank, he uses them as hammock, sometimes I think he’s tangled in the roots but then he wakes up and shakes them off and swims over to say hi.

*What do you specialize in?
At the moment we only have one product, and that is the ALU dog collar. The ALU collar is the traditional dog collar re-designed with three goals in mind, ease of use, quality materials, and longevity. This collar is made with aircraft grade aluminum hardware that has been chamfered, bead blasted, and hard anodized. The webbing is made from sustainable materials such as cork and hemp. Our ease of use design features magnets in the buckle to ensure that the two pieces fit into each other easily, and the buckle itself is held together mechanically, metal to metal, so the harder the dog pulls the greater the clamping force gets, preventing the buckle from coming loose. Simply put, the ALU collar is a new modern dog collar that’s fun and easy to put on.

Watch how the collar works!:

*What types of services do you offer? *What is the approx. cost?
If people pre-order on Kickstarter the first 50 people will get this collar at $65, the next 100 people at $75, and then it’s $85 for everyone after that, after the Kickstarter campaign is over we will finalize our MSRP.


*If someone wanted to book an appointment with you how do they get a hold of you?
Email is the best way to get a hold of me

*Any special events coming up this year for you?
I’m glad you asked, we are going to be launching a Kickstarter campaign around the second week of September that will run for 30 days. During that time people will be able to pre-order the ALU collar at special just for Kickstarter prices.

*What inspires you?
All our pets especially our own two dogs inspire us every day; we love simple, modern and high-tech products. Combining our backgrounds and our shared love for animals we want to make smart products that combine technology with minimalism. Our ultimate goal is to make owning a pet easier, in the hopes that more people will adopt. That’s why we came out with the ALU Collar; it’s a simple product, it’s modern and elegant and a perfect combination between low tech and high-tech.

*What do you plan to accomplish your first year in business?Within the first year, we want to establish our business, get our name out, and make sure pet owners and pet industries know about us. That’s another reason why we came out with the ALU Collar; it shows people the quality that we’re after and our capabilities. We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for the ALU Collar this year, and plan on coming out with a lot more products in the future; we highly recommend that people get on our mailing list to stay updated on when we launch our Kickstarter, and be the first to hear about our upcoming products.

*Social Media Information:
Twitter: @memapets

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