Thursday Book Spotlight – Rescue Me

thursday*What is the name of the book?
Rescue Me: Tales of Rescuing the Dogs Who Became Our Teachers, Healers, and Always Faithful Friends
*Who is filling out this interview?

Val Silver

*What is your involvement with this book?
I am the author, publisher and main contact person for organizations wishing to use the book for fundraising.

*How was the book started and what was your inspiration?
My inspiration came from looking at all the hopeful faces of dogs on petfinder. There were so many of them. I saw that the need of the organizations caring for them was great. The prayer of my heart was to do something – to get the word out about helping and adopting these dogs and to raise money for them – and the answer was to write Rescue Me and donate all the profits to shelters and rescues.


*When was it released?
November, 2013.

*What is the cost of the book?
The retail price is $12.99 for the large print paperback, $12.50 paperback, $7.99 digital formats.   Readers may request an autographed paperback for $13.95 (includes shipping) in the US and Canada.

*Who was it published by?
Valerie Silver

*Who was it written by?
Val Silver and Team Rescue.

*Who was it illustrated by?
Photographs of the dogs and their people were shared by the storytellers.

Rescue Me Val Silver quote

*Where can someone get a copy of this book?
Rescue Me is available online booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Readers may request an autographed copy at

*What is the book about?
Rescue Me shares 12 personal stories of rescuing and adopting dogs, from young to old including some with health and behavior issues, who became treasured family members, and how, because they were in our lives, we became better, happier people. The book contains thought-provoking quotes about our relationship with animals, and suggestions for how you can help sheltered dogs.

The website that accompanies the book contains interviews with contributors, photos, related articles, a list of sponsored organizations, and a page highlighting our donations at work, and more.

*How many pages is the book?
The paperback is 132 pages and the large print version is 154 pages.

*Who is the book targeted to?
Rescue Me is for teens and adults who love dogs and rescued dog stories that tug on their heart-strings.

People who have enjoyed Rescue Me say it is heartwarming, has taught them about the need and plight of homeless dogs and encouraged them to do more, has made them laugh, cry, get angry, and has restored their faith in humanity. And of course they love knowing their purchase helps dogs in need.

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Thank YOU for the opportunity to let me share about Rescue ME!

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