Wagging Wednesday – Our Road Trip

wednesdayWell Rolo and I are now back and settled from our mini road trip we took over the weekend plus 1 day. My grandparents were at my dad’s house so we wanted to go for a short visit to see them all. Driving to my dad’s house isn’t an easy trek for a short stay but we did it and it was worth every minute of driving.

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mapAfter 1186 km and many many hours spent in the vehicle I feel refreshed after spending some family time. 6:00pm Friday after work we left our home in Fort McMurray, AB and headed south to Edmonton, AB (around 430km south).
pics (1)I might add that Rolo has quite the little set up in the back of my new suv; bed, yoga mat, blanket, food and water. The thing you can see hanging on the back of the seat is a car cover made by Kurgo, if you have a hairy dog who loves to shed this is a must!

One of my best friends Gina was nice enough to lend Rolo and I her spare bedroom so we could catch a cat nap before heading the rest of the way to our destination; Prince George, BC. After arriving in Edmonton about 10:30pm we slept until 3:30am and went on our merry way. As I am not one to put me or others in danger while driving, I carefully assessed my “alertness”. I ended up stopping in Hinton, AB at a Tim Horton’s parking lot for a little cat nap with Rolo. I hopped over the seats into the back where Rolo was and he gratefully shared his comfy bed with me.
pics (12) We stopped in Jasper, AB (one of the most beautiful places in the Rockies ever!) at our favorite coffee shop called the bear’s paw bakery. I Grabbed a Caramel Macchiato and some homemade dog treats for Roo and headed on our way to BC.
pics (2)After another 350+km from Jasper, Ab to Prince George, BC we arrived before lunch time. Spent the day hanging out with family & friends and eating amazing food and having yummy drinks. We also had a nap, and Rolo enjoyed the memory foam mattress and 50 decorative pillows on the bed.
pics (7)pics (8)On Sunday I didn’t really do too much; went to the mall, took my family out for breakfast, took Rolo for a walk to a park just down the street where I used to take my old dog Sparky too. He loved it (Proof is in the photo below because he is actually smiling!)
pics (5)pics (4)On Monday we left at 5:30am to make our way back to Fort McMurray aka HOME! We stopped in Jasper and walked around the town for a smidge. Went in some stores but didn’t buy anything. Here are some more of our photos from the way home.pics (14)pics (10)pics (11)pics (13)pics (6)Hope you all enjoyed your weekends because we sure did!! We will post the rest of our photos on our facebook later on this week for you all to enjoy!

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