Wagging Wednesday- Pitbull Fun Show Recap

wednesdayFirst off I want to start the day with saying Happy National Black Dog Day to all of the Black Dogs in our world!

On Sunday I spent my entire day at the Clearwater Horse Club in Fort McMurray for the 2nd Annual Pitbull Fun Show. Which is an entire day dedicated to show off this amazing breed. I attended last year and had a ton of fun. I really enjoyed this years event as well!

I arrived at 1030am to set up my booth as my blog purchased a table to showcase some things we have to offer as well as sell some handmade items like dog blankets & toys.
IMG_5226IMG_5228 IMG_5227  At Noon the event started and people gathered to register their animals for the fun show which is basically a dog show with a bunch of categories. After registration was done we all gathered and went on a “Pitty Pride Walk” up the street to almost the main road. Cassie from Waggin Tailz Boutique and I held the Pitty Sign as we didn’t bring any animals with us.
IMG_5245After the walk, we all went to the BBQ and then mingled with all the vendors. Dr Osborne from The Fort McMurray Animal Hospital did a demo on how to give animal CPR. It was so enlightening! I told Rolo as soon as I got home that momma has learned how to do CPR and that he can feel even safer in our home then he already does :)
IMG_5252After some Demos the Fun Show started! There was about 10 categories to be entered into and ribbons for the winners. All the dogs did great strutting their stuff on the dirt catwalk! The event wrapped up a little after 6pm and we packed up and headed home. When I got home I put on a Bandana I was given for Rolo. He loved it :)
IMG_5311I want to thank all of the organizers from the Pitbull Awareness Group for putting on this event, I really enjoyed my day and I look forward to next years event!
A FULL album of photos I took is available on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/rescuemomblog

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