Wagging Wednesday – October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!

wednesdayHello Everyone! It’s Wagging Wednesday! If you follow our Confessions of a Rescue Mom facebook page (www.facebook.com/rescuemomblog) you will see that all this month I have been posting wonderful dogs available for adoption at Rolo’s former shelter; The Fort McMurray SPCA. October happens to be “Adopt A Shelter Dog Month” and what better month to get a dog because Halloween is just around the corner which means you can dress them up in the most best costumes. Rolo and I always participate in Halloween as he loves dressing up! The weather is always perfect outside for walks; not to hot and not to cold and the beautiful fall leaves make for a great photo background as well!

Why do I think it is best to adopt from a shelter or rescue? My answer is easy! Every animal deserves a second chance at life.

Every shelter dog has a story; some good and some bad but you need to be that person to brighten up their lives and erase the past for them. For some this may be easy but others may take some time — Dont’ Give Up! Rolo was a stray in the rural area in Fort McMurray then was adopted out and brought back, now he finds himself in a loving home in which I don’t think he would trade it for all the milkbones in the world. I know that I have made a big impact on his life and I will continue to tell other’s Rolo’s story and give them a little faith that their dog that might need a little “work” can change with time.
I seen a photo a while back that was a little cartoon with a person standing beside a dog in a kennel at a shelter. I truly believe in what this photo says. The words on this photo said “When you adopt an animal from a shelter you don’t just save one life, you save two; one of the animal you adopted and the one who will then take its place”

I am so lucky to live in a community who has a no kill shelter. The Fort McMurray SPCA actually over exceeds the expectation of “no-kill”. Normally there are waiting lists for animals to get into shelters, so freeing up that one kennel allows an animal who may not be in the greatest situation to have a second chance at life.

For anyone who reads this post why not start sharing some photos of dogs up for adoption at your local shelter/rescue for the month of October or if you want every month :) I bet they would be so grateful to get the word out about who they have there. Sharing is Caring :)

October is #AdoptAShelterDogMonth

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