Fundraise Friday – Vote For The FMSPCA

fridayFirst off, Happy Friday to all of our readers! Today I’m going to talk to you about the Aviva Community Fund! Aviva Canada Inc. is one of the leading property and casualty insurance groups in Canada.

What does this have to do with Fundraise Friday? The Fort McMurray SPCA has submitted an idea to get funding from Aviva if they win the competition. All you need to do as a viewer is vote daily for them.  You can live anywhere in the world and still vote for them.

The first round of the Competition ends October 13th.


Why is Aviva sponsoring this competition? (on their website they say) We care about the communities where we live and work, and we know you do too. We’re the experts when it comes to insurance, but we know that you know better than anyone what’s needed to improve your community. That’s why we created the Aviva Community Fund competition – to help make a positive change in Canadian communities by funding your ideas.

Want to know what the idea is?

The Fort McMurray SPCA’s NAME (Northern Animal Management and Education) Program provides support and resources to rural and First Nation communities through the facilitation of accessible, high impact spay and neuter clinics, as well as humane education programs and advocacy awareness campaigns.

Many of the rural and First Nation communities of the Wood Buffalo region do not have access to a Veterinary Clinic, are overrun with stray or unclaimed animals, and the caring residents there are forced to scramble for temporary solutions. While the FMSPCA already provides resources and support to those communities, we would be able to provide long-term proactive and preventative solutions for population control with the Mobile Clinic’s sterilization campaigns.

In the past, high impact clinics have had to be postponed due to inaccessibility to necessary equipment in such remote locations. Having all of the necessary equipment on-hand would enable the FMSPCA to fulfill this ground breaking initiative.

“We hope to provide clinics in rural and First Nation communities in the region, spaying and neutering up to 150 animals per clinic, as well as vaccinating, deworming and microchipping the animals as a way to control domestic animal overpopulation, and help with disease prevention -making neighborhoods safer.”

So please take only one minute of of your day and vote for their idea and be sure to share with all your friends & family. We would greatly appreciate it!

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