Tuesday Animal Spotlight – Frank the Frenchie

*Your name?


*Where are you from?
Kelowna, BC

*Animal (s) ( Age, breed, name)?
Frank the French Bulldog. He is 2!

*Interesting facts about your animal(s) ?
Frank has two rows of teeth on the bottom like a shark. Haha!

* Animal(s) favourite treat?
He loves his turkey treats and zucchini

*Animal(s) favourite trick?
We are still working on some cool tricks. As of right now he likes to sit and stay.

* Where is your pet(s) favourite place to go?
He loves coming to work with me, as I work at a kennel. That has also helped him with some issues he had.

*Perspective on adopting a rescue?
I think a lot more people should rescue instead of going through breeders. There are so many animals out there without homes and they all deserve a chance. Just like their humans

*What’s your favourite thing to do with your animal ( walks, going to a park, playing games)?
We enjoy going for walks down along the lake.

* Do your animal(s) love to go for car rides?
YES! He loves it when his big bat ears flap in the wind.10717554_10154620893195147_167624880_n

*Anything extra you would like to add?
Adopting a rescue is so rewarding. It is exciting to see the changes from when you first bring them home to even a few months later. For example, Frank was in 6 different homes in 2 months before he came to us. He was unsure of people and didn’t like when we got close to his face. He would get anxious and protective in a group of dogs when I was out with him. He now gets excited around people and can go outside with the rest of the dogs and has so much fun! He still needs work but we have made progress.

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