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fridayHave you ever watched someone you love flop around on the floor like a fish out of water, losing control of their bladder and bowel, foaming from the mouth, while there is nothing you can do about it but comfort them with your words, clear everything dangerous out-of-the-way and pray that your furbaby will be ok? Well this is the life of an EPI Parent.

About a week ago or so I was watching my husbands very late hockey game when I got a message from one of my blog readers, Sara Burry. She told me to go check out “Kenya The Goofy Pitbull`s” facebook page because Kenya has an adopted brother name Huey who has Canine Epilepsy; just like Rolo! .

I looked around the page and seen a post about a fundraiser on Go Fund Me for Huey. I read some very nasty, tasteless, hurtful, disgusting posts on this page from people who have no clue what it is like having or caring for a dog with Canine Epilepsy. I was enraged as well as disappointed with the human race! It takes a strong pet parent to care for an animal with a disability, especially with a dog who is going through the transitions of finding out medications that work, correct dosage and ones that don’t work.

After adopting Rolo, I had done a ton of research on Canine Epilepsy. We have many EPI friends online and a huge support system out there for Moms of EPI Dogs. I am always there if anyone needs to talk, share information and promote Canine Epilepsy. I don’t want people to think that if you have a dog with a disability that you can’t help them live with it, there’s so many options out there.

Why am I writing all about Huey today? Well I wanted to share Huey’s fundraiser with you all. As I know that with having a EPI dog it gets expensive especially in the research stage, Huey’s family has reached out for financial help to get this boy to a comfortable EPI stage with no Seizures.

Huey`s Fundraiser Link:

If you could take one minute to share this blog post or even just the link to his go fund me account, I know his family would be forever grateful and I would be forever happy knowing that Rolo and I could help out!

With that being said… you may have seen our post on our facebook page that we have a special announcement to make today… Well here it is:

Ever since Rolo`s adoption in 2011 we have always done a Christmas Fundraiser for his former shelter the Fort McMurray SPCA, well we have decided that this year we will be donating a portion of what we raise to Huey`s Epilepsy Fund!

EPI dogs will always have a special place in my heart!

 I will be selling Handmade Bone Ornaments at the Christmas Bazaar in Fort McMurray, AB, Canada November 9th from 10am-4pm at the Sawridge Hotel. If you are not in Fort McMurray and want to participate please just donate to Huey`s Go Fund Me Link :)

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