Halloween Safety Tips

Have I ever said that I love holidays?! Any excuse to theme out my house and my dog makes me extremely happy! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays as those who know me know that candy happens to be my favorite food group. Plus who doesn’t like seeing adorable photos of animals dressed in Halloween costumes and the cute little kids that come knocking on your door at night. With all this action at your doorstep there’s a few things you need to remember during Halloween when you own an animal;
1) Keep your candy bowl out of harms reach from any of your animals, the sugar and or chocolate can be very dangerous for them, If you any does happen to digest any of these thing, please contact your local poison control or vet.

2) Did you carve a pumpkin this year? Think about using a light instead of a candle inside it. What if your animal accidentally knocks it over and it starts a fire. Animals are also very curious and could get burned by the flame. This year I didn’t carve a pumpkin I got a cute sparkly orange on that has an on and off switch that changes to all the colors of the rainbow! Its pretty cute!

3) Are you dressing up your animal this year and taking them out while you trick or treat with your kids. When picking out a costume look for these special things; can you animal move around easily in it? Is it restricting their air way or their ability to breathe? Is there any small parts that could be chewed off and choked on? If you found one that doesn’t pose any threats to your animal be sure to try it on a few times so the animal can get used to it before hand.

4) I would hope that your pet would be wearing some type of ID tag (with name & contact number) at all times, but for some of you who don’t do that, this is your reminder to put one on before Halloween starts as animals can get easily scared and bolt out the door. Some people in your neighborhoods may set off fireworks. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

5) If you do have pet who likes to run and escape its best to set up a baby gate a few feet away from the door so that they get stopped before they try to make a run for it. Even put your animal on a leash and hold it while you open the door too! If you have a cat its best to keep in a room with the door closed as well all know they are little ninja climbers and will get right over that baby gate and escape.

I hope you remember these tips as you make Halloween a safe, fun, enjoyable night for you and your pets :) Can’t wait to see all your photos of your pets all dressed up!

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