Pet Product Review – Drinkwell® Pagoda Pet Fountain

This Wagging Wednesday we are doing a pet product review for something Rolo received in the mail last week. A Drinkwell Pet Fountain! Every pet needs water to survive and when I got the chance to be able to feature this product, I jumped on it. As you all know Rolo has Canine Epilepsy. Due to his medication there are some side effects like; hind end weakness, being lethargic and needing more than a normal amount of water intake each day. Rolo will stand at the water dish for 3 minutes at a time slurping up water.


6281_10152438472938531_1874774111583198159_nCompany: Petsafe – Safe Pets, Happy Owners
Item: Drinkwell® Pagoda Pet Fountain

Drinkwell pet fountains were created by pet lover, veterinarian, and inventor Dr. Mary Burns. Pets who drink more water are healthier. Pets drink more when they have plenty of fresh water, and nothing is fresher than clean, moving water. The water spouts with the patented free-falling stream provide aeration and circulation to the water, which inhibits bacteria growth. Charcoal filters remove impurities, bad tastes, and odors from the water (Information from the Petsafe Website —

If YOU are wanting to purchase your own Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain here is the link to where you can find which stores carry them:

Let’s start this product review!

Appearance & Design
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The fountain is BEAUTIFUL!!! I’m not a very mechanical person and it brought me back to when I had a fish tank and had to set up the pump & filters for the tank. Well this was 100% more easier to set up than that fish tank and took only a minute or two to get it going. Rolo happens to be a quite large dog and he was able to drink from it perfectly. It actually holds more water than his old water bowl which is better for him as he drinks a lot of water throughout the day.

Smell (if applicable)
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Taste Test by Rolo (if applicable)
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Creativity of Product
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As a pet owner I love products that are good for my pet. The fact that it has a filtering system in it makes me very happy and it is such a great idea. The water here in Fort McMurray smells & tastes a little weird so we normally drink bottled water at our house. This ensures that Rolo is drinking water without impurities, bad taste and odour. Ok also how awesome is it that my kitchen/living room now also sounds like a zen garden with the quiet sound of a flowing waterfall.

The Testing Process:

Final Thoughts:
Rolo and I give this product 2 paws up! He likes that it gives him fresher, cleaner water as well as more water than his regular bowl. I like it because I don’t have to fill it up as much and it makes my main floor sound peaceful!

If YOU are wanting to purchase your own Drinkwell  Pagoda Pet Fountain here is the link to where you can find which stores carry them:

Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received A Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain for posting an honest review.  The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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