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The Loving Bowl was designed for pets with flat faces (Brachycephalic Breeds), whether it is your cat, dog or rabbit they will benefit with the use of The Loving Bowl. Older pets will also find the many merits of this simple modification. Today’s pet bowls are what MAN HAS MADE FOR HIMSELF, not for our beloved friends. The Loving Bowl is pet friendly with its multi-levels that provides your pet greater access to its meal. Your pet will no longer have to chase its food around its dish. Grinding its face into the bottom of the bowl is a thing of the past. No more food embedded in the wrinkles of their face and far less mess and waste to clean up. (Paragraph from

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Let’s start this product review!

Appearance & Design
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As soon as I opened the parcel this cute little package was exposed. The packaging was colorful, high quality and you knew exactly what the product was. I absolutely loved how there was a large heart-shaped cut out on the front, and on the bottom of the actual bowl were 3 heart-shaped grippers so that the bowl doesn’t slide as the pet is eating. Rolo sometimes get’s wet food with his dry food and in order for him to get at it he works so hard and then his bowl slides around on the floor. Those grippers would eliminate the bowl from doing that. The bowl also comes in Pink & Blue also!

Creativity of Product
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This product gets a 100/100 for creativity! I have watched even Rolo struggle to get at his food sometimes when I put wet food that it makes me quite happy to know that there is a product like this out there for not only animals who are brachycephalic but older dogs like Rolo as well.

Animals with very short heads are called brachycephalic. Due to this condition the main problems associated with this breed are linked to breathing and eating (Information from Here is the list of breeds:

The Testing Process:
Final Thoughts:
I like the design of the bowl and the fact that this bowl can fit from a small breed or puppy all the way up to a large breed like Rolo (100lb Shep/Husky), even cats, rabbits and other animals. There is a raised side of the bowl which if any food gets shoved up there by them eating it slides right back down to the bottom, so they can grab & eat it. What a great concept! Any pet would be happy to eat out of this bowl!

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