Rolo’s Christmas Advent Calendar – Day Four

sqRolo and I are putting together a Christmas Advent Calendar, where each day we spotlight a product we love! These blog posts will tell you why we love them and how you can order them. Pets are family, so why not spoil them this Christmas, as you should every Christmas and even every holiday! Each day you will see the calendar fill up with special items!
NovemberRolo’s Christmas Advent Calendar – Day Four
Company: KeriCure
Item: Tough Seal
Pet Product Review:

Why do we love this products?
I use the toughseal atleast once a week at work. We have 4 dogs here and a few of them are accident prone. Two weeks ago Bear decided he wanted to cut his paw up so I applied some KeriCure Tough Seal to it to stop the bleeding and keep it from getting infected. Last week Kit decided she wanted to slice well more like break off a part of her toenail. She broke it off so that her nail was bleeding. Her nail will take quite a while to get back to hwo it was before but after applying the KeriCure Tough Seal it sealed her toe and stopped it from bleeding.

Where can you purchase these items?

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