Rolo’s Christmas Advent Calendar – Day Eight

sqRolo & I have put together a Christmas Advent Calendar, where each day we spotlight a product we love! These blog posts will tell you why we love them and how you can order them. Pets are family, so why not spoil them this Christmas, as you should every Christmas and even every holiday! Each day you will see the calendar fill up with special items! We hope you enjoy and share :)

Rolo’s Christmas Advent Calendar – Day Eight
Company: Drinkwell
Item: Pagoda Pet Fountain
Our Review:

Why do we love this product?
We love this product because it features a filter that filters the water that runs through it. It was very easy to set up and get running. It also holds more water than my dog former bowl, which is very important to keep them hydrated. I also love that my kitchen now sounds like a zen retreat as the water flows through the bowl.

Where can you purchase this item?

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