Tuesday Spotlight – Jean’s Story

tuesdayA month or so ago I got an email out of the blue from a girl named Jean who told me a story about a cat named Mica. I was touched that someone who has never met me had reached out and shared a truely heartwarming story with me.  I believe that animals have a way of finding someone who need them the most.

I was staying in House River campground in a 27ft. Fifth wheel trailer (Working on hwy 63 construction) with Shady who picked me to take her home from the Fort McMurray SPCA. She has her own incredible survival story…but that’s for another time.

Early evening a month ago, coming back from shopping in mac, my ride was pulling up to my trailer when this blur of motion bolted from the tall shrubs and disappeared under my trailer. I put groceries away..then went to see if I could find the cat, as I knew that’s what it was. Nowhere to be seen.I couldnt believe that someone could abandon, throw away any animal is mind-boggling to me. This has to be the case with Mica as I named her.There are no houses, neighbourhoods any where nearby, we were in the middle of nowhere.

The next morning,as I opened the door to leave for work,it dashes in past my feet into my trailer. (Now my girl Shady is not agreeable to ANY other felines sharing my affection to the point of massive amounts of fur flying and vocalizations..) Well this intruder goes straight to shadys dishes and starts drinking like she’s never seen water, for 2min straight! Then gets up on the back of my couch, curls into the tiniest ball, looks at me gives me the sweetest thank you trill…then an incredible purr motor starts, and she goes to sleep.

The entire time shady watches with a stunned expression. (The second picture) she walks up to the tiny ball…taps her rudely ..with the only response being an increase in volume of purring. Shady then goes n pouts in my bed. As it was raining I didn’t have it in my heart to put her outside..I took a chance, closed the door and went to work.Mica's first night

After my shift (12hrs later) I was apprehensive of what I might find when I opened the door. Definitely not what I thought…she’s sound asleep on couch…with my shady girl a few feet away calmly looking at her. Mica adopted us I realized.

For the next three weeks she expressed her content with her choice is exceptional ways. I figure she was approximately 4 months old…a beautiful tortoise-shell coloring. But skinny. Mica would ask to go outside in the morning..but showed up when I would get back from work, spending the evenings and nights with us.Mica's last day

Then almost 4 weeks after her arrival,she didn’t want to go out when I left for work…and again the next day..and on third day Mica turned down her evening tuna treat. I was worried. It was another 3 days before I could get a day off and take her to see a veterinarian. I was giving the devastating news she had Feline Lukeimia  ….and the most extreme form of it. She had no white blood cells,few plateletts and was not producing red bloodcells. Terminal. I was destroyed, I could not make the choice to have her put to sleep. I know some will not agree with my decision but
I had lost my mother the month before. I just could not put Mica asleep. The veterinarian then said if I couldnt get her to drink and eat..she was not going to live…but she was not going to be in pain…she would just get weaker and when there easy not enough blood in her system her heart would stop.

I made the decision; I brought Mica back home. Heating pads, spoon fed, brushed, loved and brought into bed at night to sleep on my pillow.One final evening…she got off her heating pad, layed on the pillow I was using on the couch, so that she rested with her cheek against mine. She started that incredible motor one final time and when it stopped, so had Mica’s heart.Shady
In such a short time this incredible animal made a permanent place in my heart. And also helped me heal. She made me realized I had not let myself grieve for the loss of my best friend…my mom. Her heart also stopped in her sleep, she was 59.,and a cat lover extraordinaire.

I believe Mica was sent to us for a place where she could be safe..happy and loved in her final days. And I’m eternally grateful she came into my life and that I had the opportunity to be a part of hers. Its been 3 weeks now…and my Shady girl has taken up a new post that started the night Mica passed…she sleeps on the pillow by my head. I’ve always believed that animal companions come into our lives…or have themselves brought to our attention for specific reasons…Its up to us to discover what.

I just wanted to share Mica’s story with someone who would understand the gift it was.

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