It’s My Birthday & It’s not about ME!

Good Morning to all of my fabulous blog readers! Today happen’s to be my Birthday! 27 years ago today I was welcomed into this world by my loving & supportive parents; Heather & Dwayne and dog Shadow. I look back to think about all amazing things friends & family have done for me on my birthday over the years! I have come to a point in my life where my Birthday means more than cake, presents, dinner & drinks, but to show the world that even though it’s my day, I can still spend it by enriching the lives of others.  Since Rolo’s adoption in 2011, Rolo & I have been doing Christmas Fundraisers and donating the proceeds & wish list items to Animal Charities (mainly Rolo’s former shelter, the FMSPCA).

This year my amazing Mother, Auntie Cathy & Auntie Donna had worked their little hands off at creating more Bone Ornaments that I could sell and donate the proceeds to Animal Charities. Rolo works hard at customizing all the bones with names too. THANK YOU ALL!! <31601202_10152475515913531_961744449677590854_n

Normally I collect bottles, donations and make pickups of wish list items but this year we kept it simple and only sold bone ornaments. Want to know how much we raised and where we donated it to? Well we have chosen to split our money raised up this year.

1) Donate to Rolo’s former shelter; The Fort McMurray SPCA;
This year we have decided to take part in Kennels For Christmas by sponsoring; 3 dog kennels (WILMA, DUEN & GROVER) & 1 cat kennel (SPOCK) equalling to be $750!
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2) Donate to our Canine Epilepsy Friend Huey;
You may have all seen my post I did a while back about this amazing dog named Huey. He reminded me so much of my boy Rolo that Huey’s Mom and I now call them Brother’s in different countries. We will be donating $200 to his vet bills, in hopes to get his seizures under control.

Read our past post all about Huey here:
hueyhuey3) Stay Tuned…Our final donation will be announced next week!

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  1. fivesibesmom says:

    Happy Birthday, Kimberely!!! What a wonderful thing to do, helping animals in need! Fantastic! Here’s to you, Birthday girl!

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