Business Interview with Pet Research Inc

Good Morning Everyone! Today you will find an interview we did with Shannon from Pet Research Inc below. In addition to the interview we also got to do a pet product review on a product they carry; “Wag Lifetime Joint Care” pills.

IMG_6712*What is the name of your business?
Pet Research, Inc.

*Who is filling out this interview?
Shannon Farmer – Media Relations Manager

*How long have you been with the company for:
Since January 2014

*How long has your business been around for?
Since 2012

*Why was it started?
In Spring 2012, Pet Research proudly introduced our first product, Wag Lifetime Joint Care. For the past two decades not much has changed among joint products available for dogs. That left the owner of a suffering dog with two dubious options: put your dog on an unsafe NSAID like Rimadyl or take your chances with superstore supplements lacking any scientific evidence to support their efficacy. Pet Research decided to create a third choice: Wag Lifetime Joint Care, the ultimate joint care supplement for dogs.

*Do you have any animals? If so, name, breed and something interesting about them?

3 Dogs.  Kloe – Pit-bull Mix. Kloe loves to play and knows lots of tricks! She’s most famous for being able to open the fridge and get a water bottle out! She also loves to play Frisbee and balance tennis balls on her head! Batman – Rat Terrier. Batman was the first dog I got when I moved away from home. He’s my only boy and such a mama’s boy! He’s named Batman because of his mostly black face! Delilah – Beagle Mix. Delilah wondered into my yard over 3 years ago when I was mowing the grass and has been with me ever since!  She’s the most attached to me and can be a bit jealous. She loves to play and I often find her in the backyard throwing her own toys in the air and catching them. She also LOVES to chase Batman, but she can’t catch him

IMG_6722*What do you specialize in?
Pet Research specializes in providing an all-natural dog joint supplement that dog owners can trust. Wag Lifetime Joint Care is premium product that provides fast and effective results.

*What types of services do you offer?
We provide Wag Lifetime Joint Care for dogs. It can be purchased on our website

*What is the approx. cost?
$47.97 for a single bottle, $39.97 for EZ Ship. Use WAG10 at check-out for 10% off your first purchase!

*If someone wanted to book an appointment with you how do they get a hold of you?
If anyone has questions about Wag Lifetime Joint Care we can be reached at 855-316-8045 or I can be reached by email at

*Any special events coming up this year for you?
Pet Research can always be found at local events such as Bark in the Park, Bark For Life and Pooch Parade. We always try to find local pet events in the area that we can go and be part of. We love meeting fellow dog owners and of course swapping stories!

IMG_6714*What inspires you?
Fellow dog owners inspire us. We love our dogs and our dogs are an important part of our families. We strive to get the word out about Wag Lifetime Joint Care so that we can help prevent arthritis issues in dogs and allow dog owners to not only add years to their dogs lives, but also life to those years. More years with our dogs mean more happy memories.

*What do you plan to accomplish with your business in 2014?
We want to take Wag Lifetime Joint Care to the next level. We want to be a household name and the only joint supplement used by dog owners everywhere. It is our mission to help create awareness for canine arthritis and give dog owners a safe and better solution.  We have an amazing product that provides amazing results.

*Do you do any charity work?
We are always willing and open to working with charities and making donations to pet events!

*Social Media Information:
Facebook: Pet Research
Twitter: Petresearchinc
Pinterest: petresearch
Google+: Pet Research, Inc.

*Do I have permission to copy this to my blog?: Yes
*Do I have permission to use the photos from your site?: Yes

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