Tuesday Pet Spotlight – Mario

spotlight interviewYou may remember Stacey from Advocates 4 Animals inc, we did an interview with her during the year about their shelter. If you want to check it out CLICK HERE

*What is your name?


*Where are you from?

*What is your pet(s) (Age, Breed & Name)?
Mario – adopted as a senior special needs dog earlier in 2014. He is approx. 12 years old.

*What are some interesting facts about your pet(s)?
We don’t know Mario’s past, except that he ended up in a shelter at the age of 12 and with special needs. Mario has flat feet which makes it difficult for him to walk. He was emaciated and placed on a multitude of medications for his ailments when rescued. When we adopted Mario he would fall over often while walking- it was difficult for him to move much. After several months of rehabilitation, solid nutrition and appropriate exercise we are excited that Mario now loves to go on walks with my other 2 rescue dogs and he is feeling great! He runs in the yard and has grown much stronger. He has very limited sight and cannot hear, but despite all that he has endured prior to his rescue- he is a happy, healthy canine with lots of love to share!

mario1                                           (Photo Credit: Stacey Ritz)

*What is your pet (s) favorite treat?

Mario’s favorite treat is chicken

*What is your pet(s) favorite trick?
Mario has very limited sight and cannot hear. As a special needs senior pet he cannot climb stairs on his own either. When he goes in the back yard to potty he will let out one little bark to let us know when he is done and ready to come inside. When I carry him up the stairs and place him on the deck he runs straight to the back door waiting to be let inside and the second the door opens and he gets back inside Mario sprints as fast as he can around the perimeter of the kitchen, around the center island and out to the living room to hop onto his favorite bed. It’s not really a trick- but it’s totally adorable and makes me laugh every single time!

*Where is your pet(s) favorite place to go?
Mario gets *SO* excited for “bed time” he will run around with his tail wagging like crazy. As soon as he is in bed he burrows beneath his favorite blanket.
MarioDec2                                              (Photo Credit: Stacey Ritz)

*Perspective on Adopting a Rescue?
Rescue pets are amazing. Despite all that they have endured prior to their rescue (often times neglect, homelessness, abuse, etc.) they are each so grateful for a committed, loving, forever home. As the Executive Director/Co-Founder of Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. (501c3 non-profit organization in Ohio/USA) I am an avid believer in adopting rescue animals. There are so many wonderful, loving pets who need homes right now and who are waiting for a chance at adoption. By adopting one pet in need you can change the life of that pet in such an amazing way.

*What’s your favorite thing to do with your pet(s)?
(walks, going to a park, playing games etc.)
I love going hiking and walking with my 3 dogs.
MarioQuote1Dec2014                                     (Photo Credit: Stacey Ritz)

*What is your favorite quote?
I have a lot of favorite quotes! One that comes to mind is “The grass is the most green where you spend time watering it.” -unknown

*Favorite website to get pet information from?
www.Advocates4Animals.com and www.kittiesinthecity.com

Mario just started his very own (brand new) Facebook page too! Stop by and “like” his new page at: www.Facebook.com/MariosMusings

*Do your pets (s) love to go for car rides?
Mario loves car rides— he sits on my lap and looks out the window just as happy as can be!

*What’s your favorite animal product?
I have a lot of favorite pet products! Mario’s favorite food is FRESH PET/Natural Pet Food.

*Why do you think volunteering at an animal rescue/shelter is important?
Volunteering can change – and save- lives! By taking time to walk/exercise the dogs and play with/socialize the shelter cats you can help brighten their day. In addition you can help gain additional positive exposure to the shelter pets— and possibly help find great adopters for those pets in need.

Donating funds or pet food to reputable rescue organizations can also save lives. I recently wrote an article on the topic, here: http://kittiesinthecity.com/food-for-cats-campaign/

*Anything extra you would like to add?
Thank you for the opportunity to share Mario’s story/info. We hope you’ll stop by and “like” his brand new Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/MariosMusings — as a special needs senior rescue dog, Mario is also an advocate for pets too!

*Do I have permission to copy this to my blog? Yes
*Do I have permission to use the photos you provided me with? Yes. Please provide photo credit to: Stacey Ritz.

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