We’re going to the Doggie Bar – shots, shots, shots


We are going to the doggie bar, shots, shots, shots!
I had put this as my facebook name while Rolo and I were waiting at the vet on Saturday for his yearly shots & bordetella liquid injection and people got a hoot out of it. Rolo and I are usually around a lot of dogs so we make sure that we prevent any illnesses/diseases he may get. As well as it is a requirement while being a certified pet therapy dog.

10885094_517354255073493_2154670697382903042_nWhile at the vet he also got his yearly body scan, where the vet checked out his mouth, eyes, ears, butt, all his muscles, listened to his heart as well as did some mobility stretching with his body.

Rolo has been having a lot of issues with his hips/joints for the past 8 months as he is getting older, has arthritis, is overweight and has hind end weakness(from his meds). Rolo’s daily Phenobarbital medication has side effects that makes things more difficult. The medication makes you always thirsty and even though he is consuming so much water he still has overly thick blood. To change that we add some form of liquid to his diet (pumpkin puree or coconut oil) and it has been working!

The medication also makes him gain weight so for the past  6 months Rolo has been on a diet and we have finally seen some changes in his weight. 6 months ago he weighed in at 108.5lbs and on Saturday we have got him down to 100lbs the healthy way. We have cut back his food and added in pumpkin puree or coconut oil to his food each day to fill him up. I am so happy that it has been working and taking some stress off his joints.

ROLOFor his joints he has been taking some supplements that really have been working! He used to squeak when he would get up sometimes and he rarely does that now. We still can’t go for long walks but the short ones work just fine for the time being. Possibly when he gets his weight down some more we will be able to go on longer ones.

Other than all that, Rolo is healthy as a horse, living & loving life!
Wishing you all a happy & healthy 2015! 

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