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spotlight interview What is better than buying a book and knowing that a percentage of your purchase is going to make a difference. Check out our interview with FiveSibes Mom Dorothy from Arctic House Publishing. to find out exactly what I am talking about :) IMG_8267 *What is the name of the book?
Getting Healthy With Harley: Learning About Health & Fitness

*Who is filling out this interview?
The author and FiveSibesMom, Dorothy Wills-Raftery

*What is your involvement with this book? I’m the author and hu-parent to the real FiveSibes. Harley Book Cover                            (Photo Credit: ArcticHouse Publishing/FiveSibes)

*How was the book started and what was your inspiration?
Getting Healthy With Harley is the second book in my FiveSibes™ Tales  series (What’s Wrong With Gibson? Learning About K-9 Epilepsy is the first book of the series). As with all my FiveSibes™ Tales, my own five Siberian Huskies are my inspiration and muses for my stories. In this book, it’s about our first Siberian Husky, and the alpha queen, Harley. The story sparked for me while Harley was at her annual vet appointment. We always feel so good and excited when they get a clean bill of health, and it translates into the body language of the Huskies. They know and get very excited, too! In real life, Harley (even though she is the smallest!) truly is THE pack’s leader, and she keeps them all in line! She also took on the role of momma Sibe and was an amazing surrogate to the three puppies when all three joined our family at two months old! She taught them everything they needed to know about being a puppy and part of a pack family. And she’s a real partner for Gibson, who is truly in love with her and has been from the day he joined our family! Harley rules the roost!

*When was it released?
The official publication date was Summer 2014.

*What is the cost of the book?
$11.95, plus shipping/handling and tax in New York.

*Who was it published by?
ArcticHouse Publishing

*Who was it written by?
Dorothy Wills-Raftery (that’s me!)

*Who was it illustrated by?
Michelle Littler.

*Where can someone get a copy of this book?
All my books are available from my publishing website at I’m working on having Getting Healthy With Harley and my others listed on in the future.

*What is the book about?
It’s time for Harley’s annual vet check-up, so she and Gibson head over to the vet’s office where they greet some of their furpals in the waiting room. Harley goes in for her check-up and gets a clean bill of health. She then goes on a mission to help the rest of her pack family get fit and become healthier. She morphs into a blend of a canine Jillian Michaels and an 80s fitness queen, complete with sweatbands! Harley and her book                                       (Photo Credit: FiveSibes)

*How many pages is the book?
26 total, including cover.

*What age group is the book targeted to?
It’s a rhyming book, so while it’s targeted for elementary age children, folks of all ages enjoy it! Especially Siberian Husky lovers! I also hope to raise awareness for, and donation a portion of proceeds post-production costs, to the Save Our Siberians Siberspace Rescue Fund ( They really do some amazing work by raising and disbursing funds to assist Siberian Husky rescue groups and individuals with “non-routine expenses incurred for rescue dogs.”

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