Rolo has exciting news!

bannerRolo has some exciting news to start off 2015. You may have seen a few announcements on our Facebook page already but here is our official announcement!


What is a brand ambassador?
As Per Wikipedia; Brand ambassador (celebrity spokesman) is a marketing term for a person employed by an organization or company to promote its products or services within the activity known as branding.

In 2014, Rolo and I did a pet product review for them featuring their tough seal as well as a business interview. We fell in love with this product & company! This product is a must have for parents and pet parents! I carry mine in my purse with me!
Read our pet product review here — > CLICK HERE
Read our interview with Kerri here —> CLICK HERE

10917901_518104724998446_8779330451112670358_nHere are a few of their products they have available for flesh & fur:
– Natural Seal (also available in on the go size): Enjoy the natural ingredient powers of Natural Seal to help protect your skin and block out germs! Developed by PhD scientists, our products bring the benefits of our revolutionary wound care technology to the consumer in an easy to use on the go spray! Never again will you need to waste countless bandages or use harsh chemicals on your sensitive skin, when there is a natural, comfortable and effective option in Natural Seal!

– Champion Seal (Equine):  brings cutting edge wound care technology to the Equine market in an easy to use spray. This safe, hypoallergenic product is easy to apply and helps speed the natural healing process for saddle burn, cuts, bites, scrapes, wounds, abrasions, rashes, lesions and more! Helps alleviate irritations and rashes, and even works on poison ivy and insect bites.

– Tough Seal: helps speed the natural healing process after cuts, bites, scrapes, burns, wounds, abrasions, dermatitis, hot spots, rashes  and lesions. Tough Seal is formulated and packaged for use on small and large wounds. Tough Seal is ideal for small and large pets, including horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, hamsters, and other mammals. The tough seal is safe in case they lick it which is very important as you don’t want your pet to inject something that could hurt them!photo-2We chatted back and forth with Kerri about how we wanted conquer this brand ambassadorship. You can opt to get a percentage of the products profit sold under your special discount code. Rolo and I love this product so much that we suggested some free product and instead of taking a percentage we asked if our viewers could get a bigger discount instead.  Thoughtful…I know :)

So when you go to and as you are about to check out, input our special discount code COARM to receive 20% off your entire order (pet & people products!) Kericure also sells their product through Amazon: CLICK HERE

Connect with KeriCure through Social Media:
Twitter: @KeriCure
Instagram – @KeriCure, #ToughSeal

** If you run a pet store, daycare, equine shop, kids store, pet business or veterinary office feel free to contact KeriCure and find out how YOU can get these amazing lines into your business’ **

We hope you test out any of the KeriCure products as we assure you they are amazing! We wouldn’t accept a brand ambassadorship unless we believed in the products! KeriCure is Rolo Approved!

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